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Post by Val on Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:51 pm

Another day, another lecture, another math class. Seriously school was boring, why did she have to go there. It was like shinigami academy all over again!. Except this time they taught human world stuff and there was nothing about powers, or hollows. Not that ever payed attention then either but at least Azure could keep her focused enough to have learnt something. If she got another F Mei was likely to kill her, she was supposed to be a good student. And not get in trouble.. again. Apparently they don't appreciate you trying to make the school a nicer place, all she did was introduce fruit to the cafeteria.. with a catapult. Its not like anyone got hurt or anything.
Owell. She was sick of seeing the bland building every time she came and she wasn't the only one. Some other students complained about how dull this place was. Well. Val decided to take it upon herself to make it a better place. She nodded. Now what did she need. She sat out the front. Holding both her hands up like a artist looking at a canvas. Lets see... I think a puppy would look great. Everyone likes puppies. She smiled. Yes that can work!.

With that she had .. avoided going to her next class. She needed paint. She also needed to dump the gigai to get all the items she needed. Lets see.. paint.. rope... to make it look less suspicious incase she got caught. Rollers and paint brushes. Ok good. It didn't take her to long to get all the items. Though afew angry store owners would be missing alot of their stock. Ok. Lets see.. She should probably wait for fifth period to start so there was less chance she would get caught. Fourth period was almost over. But its Val.. seriously. Like she would think about this. All she wanted to do was finish her creation. First the brown. Hmm.... Lets get started!. She grinned. Racing along the walls with the paint brush in one hand the rope tied around her waist, she had somehow forgotten to actually tie the other end to the top of the building. leaving a trail behind her as she goes further up along her canvas. The vague shape of a puppy could be made out once she finished with the brown. Then she made the yellow eyes, over the chamistry lab windows. Its a miracle no one had seen her yet.. well at least thats what she should be thinking. What was next... right the red tongue lolling out the side.. the dribling paint made it look like the poor pups throat was slit. Mixing in with the brown. The grass.. well she had gotten a light sea blue instead of green. She made due with the blue grass.. poor puppy. To anyone else it would look like a demoneted puppy, bleeding to death while trying to stay afloat in the dangerous sea. Yeap. She did a really good job making the school more pleasant to walk to. Lastly a blazingly happy sun. Orange of course would be used for this globe. It didn't at all look like a meteor flying through the sky.
She was panting by the end, it was alot of work to paint a building.


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