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Seishin Ametsuchi

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Seishin Ametsuchi Empty Seishin Ametsuchi

Post by Ametsuchi on Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:34 pm

Basic Information
Seishin Ametsuchi 48-1-1-1

Name: Seishin Ametsuchi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

    Seishin Ametsuchi AmetsuchiColor-1
    Ametsuchi is roughly 182 cm tall (about 6”) and weighs about 65 kg (about 143 lbs). Blue haired and slightly tanned, Ametsuchi has varying eye colors between a soft brown and soft white color. The change in eye color is largely because it only changes to white when he is in the presence of particularly strong spiritual beings (shinigami or hollows among the lines of captain/arrancar level). Unusually, he has blue hair. It is something that both stands out and gets him into trouble since it is naturally blue and most schools tend to have rules against ‘un-natural hair colors’. Slim and lithe, his lightly built body can mislead others to believe he’s not as strong as he looks but he’s rather athletic and lacks any fat.

    Having just moved to Karakura Town, his school uniform stands out a bit and will likely continue to stand out due to personal reasons for it. Unlike the normal school uniform of gray and white with touches of red, his is largely white and black.
    Seishin Ametsuchi AmetsuchiColorCroppedEdit
    When he’s not at school he’ll usually wear undershirts along with some sort of collared short sleeve or long sleeve shirt coupled with jeans. More or less, he seems to be dressed formally or semi-formally most of the time out of choice and habit due to his upbringing and having been at a boarding school for most of his life where students generally remained in their semi-formal uniforms outside of their dorms and during sports or club related activities.

    To the casual observer, Ametsuchi will appear to be a flirt, a player even. This is mainly due to Ametsuchi often times treating women fairly well. It’s rather common to see Ametsuchi complimenting someone, usually women, and easy to think he’s just playing around with them or misleading them. Some would even say he’s cocky and arrogant because of his wealth due to his general neutrality in things and being quite humble about what skills or abilities he does have.

    In reality, he really just can’t help it because he’s grown up always saying similar things; and, unlike most people, he’s found that he truly does mean what he says. He’s aware that sometimes this can lead to girls thinking he really does like them and tries not to give too misleading compliments or make them understand that he’s not interested in them in that way. So, when someone gets to know him a little they’ll learn that he’s just naturally charismatic. They’ll also learn that he’s not quite so cocky and arrogant either, he just doesn’t consider helping others unless he thinks they really do need help as he believes people need to see for themselves if they're able to do something on their own first before asking for help otherwise they'll just be getting a free ride through life.

    But deep, deep down, Ametsuchi is rather lonely and mostly acts the way he does to make up for that loneliness to have friends. This truth is buried deep within the confines of his mind when he’s with other people, but when he’s alone the fact tends to drift back up to the surface and haunt him just a little. He then starts to enter a rather depressing state of mind as he reflects over his friends and his actions. Often times, he’ll wind up second-guessing himself and making him feel rather worthless or useless. In the end though, he usually gets reminded of people that need him and begins to brighten up again, but by that time his ‘life’ is starting again and he’s with people. The cycle seems to be hard to break on a normal basis and is largely unknown to people who know him.

    It can also be noted that due to a close friend’s recent near death experience, he’s become a little more withdrawn. Though, no one really knows about this as he’s just moved away from the vast majority of the people who might have figured this out over time.

Grade: 12

Rank: Special

Special Ability

Name: Spiritual Awareness
Description: The main 'advantages' of this ability is that Ametsuchi can see, hear, and interact with all spirits (much like Ichigo could). In addition to this, he is able to hear the cries of the vast majority of hollows (nothing among arrancar like level) as well as actually being able to see and interact with low level hollows (and shinigamis in their true form). Though he would be capable of fighting with a Hollow... its very, very, very unlikely that he'll be able to actually injure it as the Hollow is still several times stronger than him (and in most cases, faster too).


Human Life :-: Child:
Ametsuschi's birth was a rather normal one. Sure, he was the son of a thriving business owner and semi-famous actress, but other than he really was normal. As normal as being born into a family with a background of wealth could go. All the same, to Ametsuchi it all seemed normal.

His father, Tenzou, was an honest man and had few personal enemies or business enemies that would go so far as to target him or his family so he had little to worry about. Of course, it did help that his father and his father's father and his father's father's father were all true and honest business men as well. He had a good reputation and was more than willing to help others out. Though he could trace his wealth back a few generations, he could also go through his family line and come to a time when his family had been as dirt poor as anyone else. It had only been by extreme luck, good timing, and wise decisions that his family had access to the wealth they now had. Perhaps that was why all of his relatives who had become before him or headed the main branches of the company were all so... honest. Of course, they weren't all perfect. There were a few corrupt heads here and there, but for the most part they were all good natured and easy to get along with. A trait that seems to be passed down in the family.

At some point in his life Tenzou met Yajyuam Lee and feel in love with her. Within a few years after getting to know her and going out to her he had finally proposed to her and gotten married. Yajyuam was but a small actress then, a few lead roles here and there, but mostly she was unknown. Shortly after marrying Tenzou her career spiked up considerably. She soon developed a larger fan base and began to take more and more leads. She enjoyed this new life of fame and wealth considerably and as a result of that she forgot of her family. She came from a small community in the States and her parents had never approved of her interest in acting. She had more or less ran away after finishing high school to pursue her dreams. It wasn't that she hated her family... it was just that she'd never been close to them. They were about family. They were about having their children go off to college for professions in the medical field or perhaps the law. One of the two, definitely not acting. It didn't help much that her brothers and sisters were all meeting her parent's expectations and her relatives were generally looking down on her as well. So, she ran. She ran and had become successful. Her ties with them had died the day she ran. Why go back an try to bring life back to those ties? She didn't see any reason to, not even when she got married and had her first child.

Perhaps the most important thing Yajyuam and Tenzou had forgotten about was Yajyuam's family. Tenzou had assumed her relations to her family back at home were rather tense and had not pressed her about it. In any other family this might not have been too important... but in the case of Ametsuchi it was. Ametsuchi was a shaman. Or at least that's what he would be if his mother hadn't ran away and settled down back at home. He had a connection with spirits. He could see them. He could touch them. Since when? Since the day he was born. The day he was born he saw his great, great grandparents. He might not have known his powers were different, or that he even had any, but he did have them. Yajyuam came from a family of shamans, but over the generations this ability had slowly declined and manifested less and less in each generation. The ones it did show up in usually had low spiritual powers that paled in comparison to what the family originally had been decades ago.

Their spiritual abilities hadn't always been just limited to one family in each community. It used to be that every single family in the community had the ability to not only see and interact with spirits... but also go to the spirit realm. But as time went on their powers diminished and the abundance of shamans declined. It was at that time the term shaman even came to be used amongst the clans. Slowly, very slowly they could not enter the spirit world anymore and the powers that manifested amongst clan members would only show up in one particular family in each little community.

Years went by and their people declined. The human world was advancing and though their beliefs may still be primitive, they had to adapt. Persecuted in their own land that they had now been accustomed to call home, they left and fled. Always they had been refugees, wanders, searching for their own piece of land... searching... searching... always persecuted. At least they could have some freedoms in the States. By now what had once been as common as breathing had developed into their belief system and turned ritualistic. Those with just the vaguest of abilities to interact with spirits became trained, but even so their abilities weren't anywhere near what they had once been. They had to induce going to the spirit world with rituals and incense. It was nothing like they had once been able to do. And so their beliefs came to be known as shamanism.

Ametsuchi had inherited this. He had inherited his ancestor's abilities to commune with the spirits. In the old days when the power was declining he would have been seen as a leader, someone they would all look up to and listen to, respect. And perhaps he did get a piece of that role as being the sole inheritor of a wealthy businessman, but he was not aware of how... unique he was. Not for a long time. But strangely, he'd been one of the rarer ones in the clans to manifest a particularly strong spiritual ability beyond the norm and expected.
Human Life :-: Adolescence:
His parents, being as busy as they were, were hardly ever home. As a result of this Ametsuchi was left alone for a large part of his life and as he became of age to go to school, he entered one of the more elite and private boarding schools available... in Europe. He grew up well there and made many friends quite easily. He was already quite the charmer.

Even as he entered his teenage years he remained at boarding school, seeing his parents every now and then, mostly during the holidays, but there were odd intervals and stretches of time they'd come to see him, usually alone. He enjoyed spending what little time he could with his parents, especially when they could be a 'family' but also liked the bonding he got to do with his parents individually.

Though lonely because of this, he did not truly blame his parents or find fault with them. His parents always remembered him and wrote to him weekly as well as video chats here and there when they could if they couldn't come over in person. They always remembered his birthday and always sent him gifts when he did exceptionally well in his studies or activities if they couldn't have made it there in person on time. He might have wished they were a little more close, but having grown up like this he was used to it in some sense and found it normal and didn't worry too much over it.

It would've been likely that if Ametsuchi had had a roommate he wouldn't feel as lonely as he did for most of his life. But he never really did have one. Being among the top ten of his class and school, both in academics and sports, he held a lot of privileges, and one of those privileges was that he could have a room to himself.

But that soon changed as he came across a young man who was working himself to death on trying to get into the school. It was all by complete chance that Ametsuchi stumbled upon Akira just finishing a conversation with the Headmaster as he'd been called to the office for some reward or other. Whilst in the office he had assumed the guy was like everyone else: he wanted to get into the school because he wanted to be 'popular'.

As Ametsuchi left the office he saw that Akira was there, a fierce determination in his eyes. Thinking he might as well talk to the guy and find out why he was there, he found that Akira didn't want to go to school because he wanted to be seen as someone who was rich or a genius or anything like that. He simply wanted to come to the school because it held the best programs in the area compared to all the other schools.

He could pass the entrance exams easily enough, but had refused to show any sign of skill in any kind of sport. He'd been denied because of that. For the first time in a long time, Ametsuchi found himself laughing out of true humor. Questioning him a little about why he had refused Akira simply explained that he wasn't trying to get in because of his athletic abilities. He wanted to get in because of his academics. He had no interest in playing any sport what-so-ever. He wasn't even interested in being scouted at all, which was a likely thing for most of the more skillful athletes at the school.

Ametsuchi then proposed him an offer: Be my roommate and personal servant and I'll get you in. He had only meant it as a joke, of a sorts, but Akira had immediately accepted. Grinning, the young man had accepted the terms with a fierce determination. I'll make you regret ever offering me that. Don't think I'll make life hell for you as your roommate and servant.

And shortly after that, Akira was admitted into the school mostly because of Ametsuchi speaking to the Headmaster about Akira's scores (which had been more than acceptable to get in) but also to pay for half of the boy's admittance. Akira would work off the other half by working for the school. It stunned many of his classmates that Ametsuchi would bother to get a roommate, let alone pay someone else's tuition, but he calmly told them the guy really needed the help and he had just reasons.

Slowly, slowly, this became acceptable and within two years it seemed almost normal. Ametsuchi was roughly fifteen by this time and was slowly starting to notice shifting feelings about Akira. He had bonded rather well with Akira, despite how they acted in public: enemies. They always seemed to be fighting about something or other, disagreeing with one another, and being outright annoyed with each other, all the same they were always seen together (and not just because they had the same classes) and always hung out together.

He had thought he thought of Akira as nothing more than a friend, a best friend, a little brother even, or a twin perhaps. But somehow... after living with Akira for two years Ametsuchi found that these feelings he had for Akira was a little different than what he had for his friends. It was something along the lines of thinking about Akira every single day, noticing how Akira did this or that, wondering if Akira would like if he did this or that, wondering if Akira would hate it if he did this or that. And for some reason he started to crave for Akira approval. And... in due time he started to worry about not meeting Akira's approval.

It was largely conflicting and confusing to him until he finally wound up having a dream about Akira, probably a nightmare when he first had it: kissing Akira. The dream had woken him up in the dead of night and he had found himself looking at Akira sleeping peacefully in his bed on the other side of the room. Swallowing, he had shook his head furiously and jabbed himself a couple of times in the arm or chest. I do not like Akira like that. That is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! I do not like him!

But getting out of bed and going to the bathroom, he found that his thoughts kept returning to Akira's sleeping form and the bizarre dream he had just had. Splashing cold water onto his face he looked into the mirror only to wish he could strike out at the mirror, and in doing so... rid himself of this realization. I love him... I really do! Why? I... Turning his head, he looked out the door of the bathroom and into their room. I want to kiss him... I want to touch him... Why? WHY? How... How can I... How can I be... be... I can't be, can I?

He'd struggle with this for nearly half a year until he finally came to accept it. He tended to avoid Akira now when he could and tried not to think of it, but everything he had tried to do to keep himself from Akira was failing miserably. He really only came to terms with it after participating in a group discussion during English class about lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Surprisingly, among the more avid 'defenders' was Akira. Ametsuchi himself had taken a more neutral position, but had paid careful attention to what everyone else was saying. Though the majority seemed to dislike the idea, they seemed to be willing to accept it for the most part, admitting that if their friends really were 'like that' they'd be able to deal with it somehow.

Though this consoled him, it did not encourage him to express his true feelings for Akira. At least now he could talk to Akira again and interact with him like had before, but it was strained and controlled. He still thought of Akira and he still dreamed about him... constantly. But he seemed to be able to ignore it, for now anyway.

Then one fateful afternoon as he came back to their room early and noticed a strange package in their room he noticed a small lettered attached. He hadn't meant to read it, but as it wasn't sealed or anything, when he was tossing his books onto his bed the letter fluttered out onto the floor in plain sight. Sighing, he had bent down to pick up and refold it, giving it back to Akira... until he noticed who it was addressed to. Alex.

As far as he knew there wasn't a single Alex on this floor. Curiosity getting the better of him, he glanced through the rest of the letter. Very, very oddly everything seemed to relate to Akira a lot. His mind whirling through a number of possibilities, he came up with a mild plan. Stashing the package away in the closet and folding up the letter to fit in the pocket of his shirt, Ametsuchi proceeded to do some digging around while waiting for Akira to get back.

He didn't find very much... but he did stumble upon a hidden stash of desserts, including some very, very delicious ice cream. With this new discovery, Ametsuchi concocted another, grander plan. Waiting for Akira to get back, Ametsuchi settled on making some use of the stash he'd discovered. And as Akira slipped inside the dorm room he licked a bit of ice cream off of his arm. "Hey Akira, I found out about your secret.~♥" Akira just stood in the doorway with a blank and stunned look on his face as Ametsuchi continued. "Why didn't you share your stash of sweets, huh?" "... ... You ate... ALL of my sweets... ...?" growled out Akira, stomping his way into the room to stand before him. "Not my fault you took forever to get back," chirped Ametsuchi happily, almost laughing. Sighing Akira shook his head lightly. "Fine. I guess you have a point. I won't kill you... THIS time anyway." Ametsuchi's good mood quickly changed into that of something more... somber? "When were you a girl, Alex?"

After that one little statement it'd been more than easy to get Akira to admit that he was really a she and really Alex. Her demeanor had changed slightly after admitting her true identity to him. She'd become slightly afraid he was going to be... abusing her to the fullest extent of his previous offer: Be my roommate and personal servant... But he surprised her by shrugging it off and just wondering why she had hid herself so.

As far as he could see, she was perfectly fine as a girl, admittedly hot. But as those words escaped his mouth he easily noted her change of mild fear to almost... utter disgust? And she explained to him that she was in fact a lesbian. She had put with this charade mostly because she wanted to be 'date' girls and show them that love really isn't about gender, its about the feelings people have for each other since where she came from she'd more or less been completely out-casted. She hated guys. Thus, his compliment completely and utterly useless and irrelevant to her, coming from a guy.

He had been a little happy and little relieved and a little disappointed when he found out Akira was really a girl. He had thought even though its not wrong anymore, since he's really a she... I'm not sure what I should be feeling. Should I hate her for lying to me like this, to everyone? Or... what? I don't know... But of course she had to break his heart more by telling him she was gay. But, he didn't let this show on his face as he nodded and shrugged it off, saying he wouldn't turn her in and help her out a little if he could.

Still, deep down, he still liked her. A lot. But as they kept talking and she revealed who she really was, where she'd come from, who her family was, a very, very odd and unexpected truth came out: they were cousins. Alex's mother was actually Ametsuchi's mother's sister. All the more reason he needed to distance himself from Alex.
Human Life :-: Currently:
He'd be seventeen before the accident occurred. Just about another half year had passed since he found out the truth and somehow developed even deeper feelings for his cousin, Alex. Still, he laughed it off whenever he was around her and their friendship return to normalcy. Things went by fine and Alex never did find out about his feelings for her.

Then they had an argument... Ametsuchi finally brought up the morality of Alex disguising herself so. Harsh words (and even blows) were exchanged between the two before Alex stormed out of their dorm room to visit her girlfriend. It might've been okay... if it weren't for the fact that it was winter and snowing that day. On another day Alex would've been more careful and paid attention to the pathways, but on this particular day she was too annoyed, angry, and hurt to care or bother. So on her way to the girl's dorm she slipped on the slippery ice covering the paths from atop the hill and fell to the depths below. Although the hillside looked safe enough, with the layering of snow that made it appear smooth as can be, the layer of snow actually hid the many various jagged rocks that lined the hillside. She would likely have died if not for Ametsuchi becoming worried and going out to make sure she made it to the dorms alright, knowing her in her angry spells.

Luckily for her, Ametsuchi found her and called for help. She'd be hospitalized and of course, the truth would be revealed to not only the doctors but her classmates as well. While she was still unconscious in the hospital, Ametsuchi had to deal with what was going on. Chaos had erupted all over the school. He was suspected to have known right from the start and been helping her, or as some would say, sleeping with her. After several weeks of this turmoil, things finally got sorted out. No one was quite calm yet, many still held strongly to their original beliefs, but slowly they came to accept Ametsuchi's explanations and reasoning. Why would he be sleeping with his cousin? He'd been tricked just as much as the rest of them, agreeing to have her as his roommate without really knowing who she was. And... in a way he was right. They really shouldn't be too upset with her. She hadn't caused any harm. She was cool. So what if she was just into girls and into a lot of things that were generally only meant for guys? … Well, okay, they'd been beat up by her and lost to a girl at a lot of things, but still, no real harm. And as for the girls who had had all those crushes on her, they had to accept the fact that Alex was right: love is blind, genderless. They might not have liked it but... it was the truth.

Still, things were rocky and it wasn't very likely that she'd be accepted back with full forgiveness. No one knew if she would even live. The doctors said it could go either way. They wanted to cut her off though. He wanted to give her a chance. No one knew what to do. Her parents weren't picking up the phone. They didn't know who else to contact. In the end, Ametsuchi was put in charge of her affairs. He didn't want to give up just yet though. But things were starting to get messy again. The press... of course they had to hear rumors about the esteemed Seishin Ametsuchi of Shin Industries. Great.

So who else had to get involved? His parents. They handled the press. Yajyuam came up with excuses and a story as to why Ametsuchi had roomed with Alex and why Alex had disguised herself so. But most of all, they whisked Ametsuchi away from boarding school. And he in turn had Alex transferred. He was supposed to be living with his aunt and uncle in the quiet suburbs of Karakura Town, but one thing his parents had forgotten was that his aunt and uncle weren't so into the 'calm and quiet' lifestyle they had been five years ago. He'd arrive at their house only to find that they had lent out to someone and was off on vacation and wouldn't be back until the next year or so, give or take a couple of months. Great, just great.

He might have called for his parents to arrange something else, but he figured why not just go with it? So with Alex in the local hospital, hopefully regaining her consciousness, he rented out a pretty decent (really more than decent compared to the average person) apartment and registered himself at the local high school. Things wouldn't be too bad, at least that's what he told himself. During all the hype he hadn't really had time to consider Alex's situation. His friends had always been around and they'd stay up all night talking, sometimes about Alex... well a lot of the time, and sometimes just about anything in particular. It was as if they knew that if they left him alone he'd get depressed over Alex's near death-might-as-well-be-dead encounter. But now he was alone.

For the first couple of days and weeks he didn't even bother to go to school. His excuse was that he was still settling in. He was too busy worrying about Alex and visiting her in the hospital that he hadn't paid a bit of attention to school. So now, even further into the school year, he was finally going to attend. Hopefully. And it was only after settling on this that he finally started to notice all the spiritual activity around in Karakura. Back at the boarding school he'd notice a few things here and there, it wasn't normal, and it wasn't rare, it was just... expected. But here... there were spirits everywhere, not to mention these odd cries of dogs or monsters or whatever it was that he heard at night increasing. Vaguely he wondered why it was so, didn't think that this was a place where spiritual activity heightened beyond imagining, he just accredited it to a heightened spiritual awareness due to his close encounter with the death of someone he truly did love.

RP Sample

Sighing lightly, Ametsuchi stared up at the school before him. 'Today's the day...' It was well past the time school first started, but it didn't really matter to him at this point. He was still upset over Alex's current state. But as he entered the school and was greeted by teachers and staff, it slowly slipped away and he resumed his 'normal' self. Confident and smiling, he walked into the front office to pick up his schedule as well as filling out any other forms as needed and to answer any questions they may have. It went by smoothly and easily and before he knew it he was off in the halls looking for his first class, well third period class at any rate.

'This school is pretty small, I doubt I'll be getting lost here. The teachers seem pretty nice too,' thought Ametuschi as his eyes passed over room numbers. As his eyes skimmed over the looming room numbers, he couldn't help but notice the many various spirits he could see floating on by here and there. Some of them seemed like the deceased spirits of long gone teachers, a few even looked like students, but he didn't pay them too much attention. Stopping in front of the door to his third period class, he became aware of a very loud and inhuman screech.

For a moment there he thought that it might have to do with construction work somewhere nearby or perhaps someone's distressed pet in the neighborhood. Then he recalled the fact that there was indeed no construction about in the area and the screech even sounded other-worldly, so... Leaning against the wall, he crossed his arms in thought. 'I've heard this before... but never at this magnitude and never from so many places. Either this thing is really fast... or there's more than one of them out there... but... just what is it? Is it another kind of spirit or something? It has to be, no one asides from me ever heard it. Or if they have they didn't tell me or anyone else...'

Frowning a little, he opened the door to his class and it was soon replaced with a smile as he met the teacher's gaze. "I'm Seishin Ametsuchi. It's a pleasure to meet you, miss," turning, he faced the class with the same warm smile, "Hello to all of you as well," he finished. 'No need to worry about the unknown. I'm sure its just like the other spirits I see: that thing, whatever it is, can't hurt me. Just ignore it. 'Sides, if I haven't seen what it is... its not anything too important right? Just more spirits.'

Were he aware of it and had a mirror in sight, he would have noticed the change in his eyes from a soft, warm brown to a cool, white color. But he had never been aware of this and had no idea of the change. The few times people commented on it to him, he'd wave it off as a joke or ask for a mirror later only to find that his eyes were still their same brown color. He just ignored it now a days and accredited it to the lighting. What else could be the reason behind his eyes changing colors? Sure, he saw spirits, but that didn't mean he actually did something weird like... change eye colors... did he?

Instead, Ametsuchi was paying attention to the layout of the classroom. He had guessed that most of the public high schools were generic in appearance. Might as well start getting used to the classrooms. It looked pretty normal and plain to him: straight rows of clean desks with matching chairs, all currently occupied, a white board, the teacher's desk just before the students', walls covered with posters that related to the class or classroom rules, bulletin boards filled with reminders and due dates, clear broad windows all along one wall, clean tiled floors. Yep, nothing out of the ordinary. Well... except for him, but he wasn't going to be telling anybody about his spirit-seeing ability... or his 'I'm the son a wealthy businessman' background either. Normality, that's what he was aiming for. They might recognize who he was from magazines and what not, but he wasn't going to outright tell them who he was... He didn't want attention or crave it or whatever it was that people wrote about him online.

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Laughing in the hole in my heart

Epic moment for me - - > Seishin Ametsuchi Mwaha10
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