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Suggestion from Mizaki

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Suggestion from Mizaki Empty Suggestion from Mizaki

Post by Mizaki Retsu on Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:00 pm

So like, I was thinking that it'd be cool and all, to have a relationship thing. That you'd sort out OCs relationships with one another. They can advance/create relationships via RP, or post onto someones thread for it. I think its effective.

An Example:
"Like a shark. I too, am a predator."

Ketsueki Fuka - Grimiore Heart - 19 - Elemental Magic - Water - Maker

"Any of you lovelies want to come with?"

Ketsueki flirts, like, alot. But when he's in a relationship, he's serious for it. Yeah, he'll toss around a glance at a girl walking by. But he won't act on it. But alas, he never stays with the same girl that long. Could be because he looks at other girls passing by? He doesn't know. But sometimes, there is always the one who doesn't care if he looks.

x Lover -
x Mutual Feelings -
x One-sided Crush(s) -

"Did you actually think that a shark travels alone?"

Ketsueki doesn't care much for things, he likes em simple. But he likes having people to talk to. He may be apart of a dark guild, but he isn't that bad. He's really a kind person, who just steals for a living. He does things his way, and doesn't really care for the rules.

o Almost Family -
o Best Friend(s) -
o Friendly Rival(s) - Briar Maddox,
o Friends - Melody Williams, Fang Xiaobo,
o Acquaintance(s) -

"At last, a good prey."

Ketsueki isn't a violent person by nature. He's really a nice guy, but when push comes to shove. He'll bite. And he'll keep attacking until you get saved, or he's called off. But that rarely happens. Normally he's kept in line, mostly by guilds and friends or allies. But he has a anger streak from time to time.

† Deadly Rival(s) -
† Arch-Enemy(s) -
† Enemy(s) -
† Bad Terms -
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