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Shizuka Takeshi [WIP]

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Basic Information

Name: Shizuka Takeshi

Age: 362
Physical Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sector: One
Seat: 4th

Shizuka Takeshi [WIP] Editidea

The picture provided defines majority of her appearance and can be used as an excellent guide to her appearance. Only thing is she never really closes her eye like that and although it isn't necessarily visible, both eyes are blue. Aside from that, her Zanpakuto is obviously different then what she is holding and is much shorter. When it comes to what she wears, Shizuka always has on the black shinigami outfit over this attire seen in the picture at all times unless stated otherwise. Besides attire and physical appearances, other information not stated above is that Shizuka stands at about 5'2" [156cm],weights 93Ibs [42kg], and wears a D-cup.


Extraversion: On the scale between being an Introvert or an Extrovert, Shizuka is near the middle of the Introvert side. She is very reserved with her information which explains why very few know much about her or where she came from; aside from the higher ups and her captain of course. This independence and reserved nature is sometimes mistaken as unfriendliness or arrogance despite her inner persona. She tends to also be very quiet and turns cold if approached. To new comers her attitude can be seen as shyness or depression but this is far from the truth as well. Overall, her inner personality is mostly hidden behind her outer appearance and tends to be more seen when in action.

Agreeableness: Agreeableness reflects individual differences in concern with cooperation and social harmony. Between being agreeable or not, Shizuka is more of the later. Disagreeable individuals place self-interest above getting along with others - explaining why she acts so cold towards other people, especially Shinigami. They are generally unconcerned with others' well-being, and therefore are unlikely to extend themselves for other people. Sometimes their skepticism about others' motives causes them to be suspicious, unfriendly, and uncooperative. Of course, Shizuka isn't completely heartless and may open up to one or two people but overall it's best to avoid her.

Conscientiousness: Conscientiousness concerns the way in which we control, regulate, and direct our impulses. Impulses are not inherently bad; occasionally time constraints require a snap decision, and acting on our first impulse can be an effective response. Shizuka herself tends to possess a higher form of conscientiousness - meaning she tends to avoid trouble and achieve high levels of success through purposeful planning and persistence. These sorts of people are usually positively regarded by others as intelligent and reliable but this is left up to those who meet Shizuka. No matter, she tends to be both depending on the scenario. On the negative side, these people can be compulsive perfectionists and workaholics as well - traits she also expresses and can be noted by her spiritual pressure.

Neuroticism: Today neuroticism refers to the tendency to experience negative feelings such as mental distress, emotional suffering, and an inability to cope effectively with the normal demands of life. Shizuka tends to score low on this which makes her less easily upset and emotionally reactive than other people. She is typically seen as a calm person who is emotionally stable and free from persistent negative emotions. Freedom from negative feelings does not mean that low scorers experience a lot of positive feelings though. The frequency of positive emotions is a component of the Extraversion domain depending on results.

Openness to experience: Openness to Experience describes a dimension of cognitive style that distinguishes imaginative, creative people from down-to-earth, conventional people. Open people are intellectually curious, appreciative of art, and sensitive to beauty. They tend to be, compared to closed people, more aware of their feelings. They tend to think and act in individualistic and nonconforming ways. In this category, Shizuka tends to be very open to experience. This explains why she is so eager to fight other shinigami, hollows, etc. She would probably start to go a tad insane if she couldn't fight a hollow despite her stable nature.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Mikadzuki - (New/Crescent Moon)

Zanpaktou Theme: Explosives

Unreleased Zankpaktou Appearance
Shizuka Takeshi [WIP] Katana-1

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: "Howl! Mikadzuki!"

Released Zanpakuto Looks:
Shizuka Takeshi [WIP] TheSheWolfsSword

Aside from the Zanpakuto changing it's appearance, the only thing that changes otherwise is Shizuka's eyes. These turn gold, or amber, and her pupils narrow more like a cat's to capture more light. Other than that everything else remains the same.

Released Zanpaktou Abilities: Considering Shizuka's zanpakuto contains a wolf spirit it possesses an ability that involves wolves as well. This zanpakuto allows Shizuka to summon a pack of normal sized grey wolves that tend to number between 1 min and 15 max. The wolves are controlled verbally by Shizuka but can act on their own if they choose, due to Mikadzuki, if Shizuka is in trouble. Their primal goal though to chase down their enemy with the intent to cling via a bite. Upon biting the enemy or getting close enough, the wolves erupt in explosions of varying size and power; leaving first to third degree burns depending on her choosing. It has been noted before that these wolves are a lot like flames because they reform from any harm done to them (even if they are literally cut into pieces) and continue their attack without pause.

Shizuka Takeshi [WIP] Dibujo-1

Zanpakuto Spirit:
Shizuka Takeshi [WIP] RosarioVampire2
Shizuka Takeshi [WIP] WhiteWolfFromADream

Mikadzuki is a wolf spirit with the ability to take the form of a human. She can pick between whichever form she decides and can appear as either or to Shizuka. She will normally appear as a white wolf to all but Shizuka herself and when called upon she tends to materialize as a white flash. Aside from that she tends to have a rather dominating personality and is very difficult to tame due to her ferocious side.

Zanpakuto Realm:
Shizuka Takeshi [WIP] Theme
Shizuka Takeshi [WIP] Theme2
Where the Spirit Lives near the base of the Mountains
Shizuka Takeshi [WIP] Theme4



Name: Rikujōkōrō (六杖光牢, Six Rods Prison of Light)
Type: Bakudo
Number: 61
Incantation: "Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"
Element: -
Description: Summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. The target is then unable to move any part of their body including the parts that were not struck by the beams.


Name: (啓活, Opening Revival)
Type: Healing
Number: Unknown
Incantation: -
Element: -
Description: The 3rd Phantom, it is healing technique that several characters (even those outside of 4th Division) can use. It heals one individual.



Technique Name: Hohō Practitioner
Technique Type: Passive
Degree of difficulty: Beginner
Description: Practitioners of the technique can maintain fast movements for a short period of time, by seemingly taking only a few steps to bridge what would normally be a large distances. Those who are practitioners commonly use their knowledge of Hohō while engaging in combat to close the space between combatants. Those practitioners that maintain these high speeds for too long tend to become winded.


Technique Name: Kido
Technique Type: Passive
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate
Description: Shizuka only possesses two kido however because she has one ranked level 61 she is considered an intermediate user; even though the other one is an unknown healing spell. Without that level 61 she would be considered at the inexperienced level.


Technique Name: Hakurda
Technique Type: Passive
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate
Description: Hakuda the general term for close-combat techniques that make use of one's own body as a weapon. High-speed Taijutsu attacks are used to overwhelm the opponent. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class. It also seems to be a combination of several martial arts.


Technique Name: Zanjutsu
Technique Type: Passive
Degree of difficulty: Expert
Description: An Expert swordsman is highly skilled using their Zanpakutō while sealed or in its Shikai. Most lieutenants are experts, since they must know Shikai and have mastered it to a degree, so as to be promoted. This applies also to some higher seated officers as well and in some cases to captains who even though possibly having attained their Bankai, don't commonly engage in swordsmanship as their desired form of combat.


Technique Name: Immense Reiryoku
Technique Type: Passive
Degree of difficulty: Master
Description: This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees.

Normal Techniques

Technique Name: Shunpo
Technique Type: Movement
Degree of difficulty: Beginner
Description: Shunpo (瞬歩, Flash steps), a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. Training and skill are what determines how fast a user of Shunpo can move; those of little skill in the technique or those who haven't used it an extended amount of time would obviously be out of practice, causing those individuals to be considerably slower, which requires the use of more steps to move the same distance and become winded far easier in a shorter amount of time.


Technique Name: Number One: Nadegiri (撫で斬り, "Clean Sweep" or "Killing Several with One Sword Sweep")
Technique Type: Zanjutsu
Degree of difficulty: Expert
Description: This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place.

History and RP Sample


The End
It isn't uncommon for a soul to live a life of peace before meeting their end. What the soul may not choose to though is move on, and I was no different. That man, that damned man, he took away everything I had. I didn't even get to live yet. I didn't even get to attend college, graduate, and grow old with some man I fell in love with. Then again, what is love. It's surely not around these parts. I fought through the ranks to obtain my grades and placement amongst the other students. I was the top of my class, my second place rival chasing close behind. Little points determined the change but I managed to stay on top. I was a leader of the student council and various other groups. 1st chair in our band section, a recent introduction to our school but a group that managed to become rather popular amongst the other students. All I did was fight... even at home. Was it wrong of me to be a fighter? Wrong to chase after what I wished for? That damned man, if only I could cast him to hell. He murdered me in such an unhonorable way. I fought my hardest but never wished to kill, but him.. he was different. Why did he kill me? That damned man, that bastard, the pain he caused my family and friends. Why did my mother never listen to me or my family. What an idiot. This is her fault. She wouldn't listen.. no..yes.. her fault...not her fault........ I want to be free.

A Soul Reaper came to save her when she near the end of her chain. She could feel her hollow form nearing but continued to fight it no matter what. "This is my place" she would say and "I will not give into that form and let that man win". She suffered the pain of the fading chain and continued to press on. Her painful cries would always echo throughout her old home; a place situated in Sector 6. She would haunt her mother with her hatred and would guard the house for the man who murdered her - waiting for the day he would return so she could devour his soul. These feelings only brought her closer and closer to fading to darkness and becoming that which she never wished to be but luck seemed to save her, or maybe fate? The day a hollow arrived to devour her soul instead was the time the soul reaper came and sentenced her to a place known as the 'Soul Society'. She never knew what became of that hollow until after she arrived at this unfamiliar land. A place which would soon become her home for years to come.

Shizuka was placed in one of the more darker parts of the Rukongai, #79, and upon learning of this wasn't pleased at all. She continued to say it was the man's and her mother's fault for her death and was enraged at the Shinigami for not seeing this through. Why was she being forced to suffer so much was all she ever asked.

Despite her negative emotions for all that had happened making her a nuisance to the other civilians in the Rukongai, her attitude began to make her stronger as well. Shizuka's plan was to continue fighting so that she could become a Shinigami and one day return to the Human World in order to kill the man. These deeds were heartless and because of them she wouldn't be excepted but she swore to try anyway. Shizuka started by gathering different clothes she stole from a merchant and began to pick fights in the streets. Being 17 and small, Shizuka had a lot to work on. She was agile, giving her an upperhand in most fights, but her arrogance quickly got in the way. Seeing this fighting spirit as she took on bigger and better enemies, one man began to take interest in Kurosaki, Shizuka. This admiration was what would quickly change her fate.

Akame Takeshi
On the night of a full moon, Shizuka crept through the shadows as she searched for her next victim. She was in the fighting mood and willing to pursure any decent target for all eternity; a predator hunting its prey. Many may say the hollow instinct never left her but this wasn't entirely so. She didn't seek to devour souls but merely put powerful men to shame as she looted them of their riches and gained various amounts of power. Her goal was to grow strong and so it would be the strong she sought.

Shizuka's quest ended with a merchant man known for selling orphan children to other people as slaves. He would kidnap them through his sheer power and sell them all beneath the Shinigami's noses. None of them seemed to notice or didn't do anything about it. Shizuka wished to fight this force and take out him and his organization, something that proved to be a terrible mistake. As the darkness led her to young man known to work beneath the organization, the young man led her to the organization. They came with sheer force, their fists pounding into her as though she were a man instead of a young seventeen year old school girl without the school attire.

There were four of them, all big, all muscle, and all ready to pound the so called "lurker of the night" to dust. They could only cheer as they held Shizuka and looted her of her money rather than the other way around. Some could call it karma, Shizuka called it twisted fate. They had dislocated her arms and as one man held her, the other prepared to shame her - something only men could seem to do other men and woman alike. Her shirt was ripped and her breasts near bare before it happened.

From the darkness came forth another shadow dweller; his cloak baring a symbol labeled 'Takeshi' and his eyes filled with a deserted calmness. He leaped and slashed the arm off of one male before turning to face the rest of the attackers. Although baffled, the did not submit, and only persisted to fight this force. All were murdered in no time as they jumped to their own deaths, leaving only Shizuka and the man behind. "Who are you" she hissed at this man, her eyes glaring as she stared at a dark face. All she could remember then was his teeth in the moonlight. They glowed white as he smirked before the hilt of his blade hit her head; casting her world into darkness.


When she had awakened her body was safe beneath the confinements of someone else's home. Blankets covered her newly clothed body and a warm fire near her right side. It was at a safe distance to provide warmth but not burn; its flames kindled to near perfection as it warmed her soul. This sense of security wasn't entirely full though in consideration of her surroundings not being familiar and there being an unknown man watching over her.

"So you're finally awake, have a nice sleep?"

Her focus turned to him immediately, her eyes turning to flames as they glared into the man's soul. A spiritual pressure began to arise but it wasn't enough to subdue the man. He sat with a leg partially propped and spine straight as she watched her rage build. He simply smirked, his teeth glowing yet again and causing Shizuka to let the minor pressure lightly fade behind her.

"You.... why did you save me...."

"I couldn't just stand by and let a girl get her ass kicked now could I?" he said cheerfully. Shizuka scoffed, he seemed way to cocky for her which was rather ironic in a way. He simply chuckled before his cheerful gaze turned to one of a dark threatening calmness, "would you rather I talk to you like this?" She merely twitched her eyebrow and averted her gaze, ignoring the spiritual pressure she began to feel him emit. He simply grinned again and let it all slide.

"Truth of the matter is, I saved you because of your fighting spirit. I admire it and I want to help you because of it."

"Yeah yeah, and then what, use me for your bidding?"

"Hah, quite possibly."

"I'm out of here..."

Shizuka stood on her feet and brushed herself off as she walked to the door. However, she didn't get to far. With a simple Shunpo the man appeared before her, a blade to her neck and a finger pressed against her stomach. It appeared she was stuck in bind but there was more that could occur had she not obeyed. At the time she wasn't even aware of kido nor understood the reason he pointed his finger; but the blade to her neck was enough to calm her at least a tad. Upon agreeing to give up, the man released the blade but to much trust in her. She made a move to attack and flee; her grasp only near reaching the door before she was suddenly bound by a mysterious force. She could see a binding around her waist that made the rest of her body stop moving. Her nerves twitched as the bind casted her to the ground. The man could only chuckle...


After her permanent capture, the man sat her down and began to discuss with her his plan to make her stronger. She was bound with tape to where she couldn't speak considering she was mouthy for the first bit of his explanation but no matter how much she fought he seemed to silence her to make her listen. He had overheard her reason to fight through one of her fights and how she muttered about killing a man. He watched her for her talent and upon seeing her lust for power he felt the need to take her in. In return for her growing stronger she would continue to go out and loot people as well; starting with the destruction of the group of thugs for stealing his possessions years ago. At the time she had not know it, but the leader of the thugs had actually murdered his wife and children. He was a soul reaper as well, but what would later become the most noteworthy fact was he was a member of the Takeshi family. The Takeshi were considered one of the most powerful families amongst the shinigami families due to their ruthless behavior. No weaklings were permitted in this family; defining this man.

While under the care of this mysterious man, whom she later known as Akame Takeshi, she participated in various criminal acts. It was these acts that kept them alive and rather prospering. Every night Shizuka would go out, loot a merchant or thug involved with the organization, and return back to base. From there they would spend the money on decent clothing, weapons, and save it up for artifacts. In return, Akame would then teach Shizuka new abilities that she could use to fight. The first thing she learned was how to harness her spiritual pressure. Akame had her go through various exercises to exert this pressure and control it. Every night she would fight and every day she would would train with the afternoon hours spent resting or purchasing objects. Shizuka never seemed to leave this mans side. Part of it was because she couldn't but after it a while it became the fact she didn't want to. She came to enjoy Akame's presence and was grateful for him training her - creating a sense of calm within her soul. Some would even say, she may have started to take a love interest.

Despite it all, this wasn't so. Akame and Shizuka's relationship remained much like father and daughter or master and student. Maybe even a mix. Shizuka became strong beneath his care and soon enough the two of them banded together in order to fight the forces of this thug organization roaming their section of the rekongai. They began to take on the stronger portions of the organization; their kill rate rising from two to three a night to roughly five to seven. They would hurt down, bind, strangle, and murder before moving on. In the end they would then return to a home base; it's location starting to constantly change due to the issue of being found and being assassinated while resting. Eventually the time came where they would target the leader; but first Shizuka needed to learn her "shikai".


Akame took a good month or so to actually explain the extent of her power as of late. Since she was taken under his wing she had learned abilities that would grant her powers of a shimgami - or god of death. He taught her what shinigami were, what abilities they could utilize, their weapons, and just about anything else a typical shinigami would know. Shizuka already prepared herself to become one since she learned that they could go to the human world but never knew much about them. Now that she had the chance to learn what it meant to be one, she obeyed every order without fail. By then her spiritual pressure was apparently said to be at least vice captain level and her general zangetsu was enough for an unclassified seat in the order. Akame expanded these powers though.

Taking that long break raised her powers by at least a little. She learned practically non stop and would train until she collapsed and would need at least two days to rest back up. This went on for two months, causing the organization to become restless from their sudden disappearance. The kill rates dropped dramatically and soon scouts were being sent to locate where Shizuka and Akame were. However, no one could seem to find them. Akame knew they would start to hunt for them and took shelter in the 4th district of the Rekongai instead of the 79th. It was a calmer environment with plenty of land to excavate beneath the surface and hid away. Their had their own sort of training grounds where Shizuka would develop her skills in as less time as possible.


After a period of roughly a year, making her 18 or so in human years, Shizuka had been able to develop skills beyond imagination. Non-stop training and a man who used to be a captain, aside from being a Takeshi, granted Shizuka the opportunity of a life time. Her major trait was her immense spiritual pressure, its power devastating and near surpassing his own. She developed a decent handle over her zanpakuto; learning its name and its ability upon releasing. Finally the two of them could go toe to toe in abilities. Akame may have possessed more Kido than Shizuka but she figured that she only needed the 61 binding spell - the spell he used on her in the beginning - and a healing spell for combat due to her shikai's release. She also learned of Bankai, but being underskilled and not a captain she was told to wait on this. For now, she would work on other things such as her Hakurda and Hoho ... while also taking on the leader of the organization.


Together the two began their mission and quickly head back to the 79th district. Due to the organization thinking that these two had been slaughtered a year ago. Little did they know what Akame and Shizuka were really up to. These two sneaked beneath their noses and infiltrated their main hideout, passing by with ease before making it directly to the leaders office. A shame he had not been in and upon arriving things got a little bad.

Welcome to the Seiretei

Second Division

RP Sample:

A sigh escaped her, the coolness of the air only emphasizing her breath as she continued her casual stride. The cool wet snow crunched beneath her feet; her footsteps leaving behind small burning holes from her using a bit of katon chakra to keep them warm. The snow would fizz and create a small vapor after each step before the frigid air took over once more. White hills formed along the buildings and made the place looked like an untouched ghost town. Everything was silent and the only signs of life tonight was the street lamps. Their light caused the winter wonderland to glow as though she were walking through a dark heaven. This land was still the Land of the Damned to her no matter how she seemed to try to change perspective. In this world she seemed to be the only one to exist aside from the dark sky above her head. The stars were to faint at the moment from all the lights in the small market and the overall city itself. She figured the only bustling place right now may have been the red light district but at the moment this was a time where everyone was indoors sleeping or partying; the air being to cold and devious. Nasamea knew she would be back soon.

After the cold walk back to her apartment she climbed the slippery steel stairs until she reached the second balcony; the railing causing her hands to nearly freeze when she grasped them to hold on. She didn't bother to focus chakra into them though; seeing as how she was almost back. 'Just a few more steps', she thought as she tried to imagine what Mitsu was doing right now. She had given him time to clean up if he wished and grab a bite of eat. Maybe he was asleep by now.

When Nasamea opened the door she quickly scurried in and closed it behind her; double bolting it and then sighing. She removed her black gloves and rubbing her hands together to draw in warmth for her fingers. She then removed Mitsu's cloak and hung it on the hooks attached to the back of the white door before running her fingers through her hair to feel its wetness. It wasn't snowing anymore but her hair had yet to dry from when it was. Afterwards she turned to look for Mitsu, the living room lying just in front of the door but on the opposite side of the apartment. This layout mimicked her parents but was smaller and lacked much definition.

The untouched kitchen lied exactly at her left, an island with three chairs separating it from the hallway the led to the living room. If one followed the wall to her right maybe ten feet it opened into the living room. Inside there was a rather long burgundy sofa that had been donated to her by her foster parents after she moved in; a tv sitting on a black table against the wall opposite of the sofa. Before the couch lied a coffee table that only sat before two thirds of the sofa; a place perfect to put feet on. There was a small bonsai, the remote, and a magazine about fashion (her mothers that she left) lying on the it.

A few feet behind the long sofa was a small bookshelf full of books and a large green plant; a closet door beside these two items. Windows marked the wall to the right of sofa that would be just in front of Nasa; white curtains closing off the outside world at the moment.

At the end of the wall where the hall met the living room, one could turn straight left and walk past the kitchen into another hallway. This led to two rooms with adjacent doors. On the left was the door leading to the bathroom with a small sink, a toilet, and a tub/shower with a pulled back curtain. A towel rack lied above the toilet, high enough for a tall persons head to easily clear it without getting hit but still within reach to grab the towels. On the right, opposite the bathroom, was Nasamea's bedroom. Inside she had a twin bed, a dresser, a closet, and a night stand with her digital clock.

Her entire apartment was pretty basic but not to shabby; all the walls being creme with white carpet to create a relaxed setting. It was perfect for her and that's all that mattered to her. Any later additions could be added later but right now this was her home and she didn't plan on changing anything about it.

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