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Hayazhi Jun WIP Empty Hayazhi Jun WIP

Post by hayazhi jun on Sat Jan 08, 2011 1:50 pm

Basic Information

Name: Hayazhi Jun

Age: 156

Physical Age:: Not a day over 20

Gender: Female

Sector: Sector one

Seat: vice captain of the first division

Hayazhi Jun WIP Seiro

Personality: (How your character acts)

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Senshi Byoga(warrior dragon)

Zanpaktou Theme: Mainly knight and dragon

Unreleased Zankpaktou Appearance
Hayazhi Jun WIP Seiro

As seen in the picture above, her zanpaktou`s has the shape of a regular katana. They are about 2 and a half feet in length and 5 inches wide. The first thing people will notice about them is that the blades and hilts are deep red, the same color as blood. The gauntlets has the shape of a dragon head with open jaws. The holster for the first zanpaktou is located on her lower back were the hilt is sticking out on the left side. The holster for the second zanpaktou is placed on her back, the tip of the sword being at the left hip while the hilt is sticking out from behind her right shoulder. The holster`s are the same color as the sealed zanpaktou`s. The two holsters are connected by a red strap that crosses from the right shoulder down to the left hip.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: As their life is taken by your migthy sword, rise from the flames, Senshi Byoga!

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Hayazhi Jun WIP Seiro
When they are in their sealed form there is no way to tell the difference on Senshi and Byoga, but when the shikai is realsed there is difference on the two. After Jun has spoken the release phrase, the two katana`s will turn red for a moment and form into two long tanto`s that are around 2 feet long. The hilts of the tanto`s will have the same color as in the unsealed state, yet this time two red ribbons that are around 6 inches long will hang from the end of the hilt. The blades on the two tanto`s are formed like a trident with two small blades that extend around 5 inches away from the hilt itself and ends in a pointed tip. In the middle of the two , a third and much longer blade that is shaped like the two smaller.

Released Zanpaktou Abilities: Its in shikai that the corporation between her zanpaktou`s shines. Byoga gains the ability to create fire it can shoot in rapid sessions or in long streams. The fire itself is great for offensive tactics, but it will be useless against a ice or water type user. This is were Senshi comes in. Senshi has the ability to heaten itself and Byoga to the extend of were water wont be able to put out the flames that Byoga creates, and ice will melt when it comes in contact with the blades. If the enemy is stuck by either of the blades, the cut itself will be a second degree burning while the area within 6 inches of the cut only will be a first degree burn. Senshi is the white one, Byoga is the black one.

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Hayazhi Jun WIP 33612810

Senshi is a man with long red hair that has a flew black stripes in it. His hair reaches down to his shoulders so his handsome face is fully framed, his bangs are cut so they fall slightly over his left eye, giving him a more mysterious appearance. His eyes are a deep blue that matches with his pale skin. For clothing he wears a silver armor made out of light metal, making it more easy to move around while protecting the vital spots on his body. Over the armor he wears a long red cloak with a hood that usually is pulled up over his head. He wears a armor glove with sharp fingertips on the left hand, making it look like dragon claws.

Hayazhi Jun WIP 36965934
Byoga is a large red dragon with a long, thick neck. He has four strong legs, each with three large claws he uses to walk on and slice his enemies with. While the scales are red on most of his body, the underside of his neck, belly and tail has a sandy color. Two large red wings that he uses to fly with are sprouting out from his back. From the backside to his head and all the way down to the tip of his tail, a row of black bones with sand colored skin sanding between them runs. He has two horns that follows the shape of his head and sticks out the top of his back head.

Zanpakuto Realm:
Hayazhi Jun WIP 73938144
The spirit world of Jun`s zanpaktou isen`t really what you would call a friendly place. The sky is always covered in dark clouds and the sun is only visible through a few holes in them. Her entire world is actually a gigantic large castle with an endless amount of stairs, hallways, rooms, floors and towers. The throne room is located in the middle of the castle, that is were Senshi and Byoga resides. When Jun first "arrived" in the spirit world, she wandered around for what seemed like days until she found the throne room. Even through Senshi and Byoga mainly resides in the throne room, Senshi sometimes wander the endless hallways in his own thoughts while Byoga flies around the tall towers of the castle.

Bankai Information
(This applies to captains, and advanced lieutenants only)

Bankai Name:Moeru tenshi (Blazing angel)

Bankai Description: Dark clouds will form in the sky, and a long flame pillar will shoot down from it, engulfing Jun in its flames. Byoga will come out from the pillar itself, standing next to it. Jun will then cut through the flames with Senshi, and the dark clouds will dissappear.

Bankai Looks:

Hayazhi Jun WIP Seiro

Byoga will form into his true appearance. He will be 50 feet from head to tail, and when he stands on his legs, he will be around 60 feet tall.


Name: (The name of the Kido)
Type: (Hadou / Bakudo / Healing)
Number: (The number of the Kido, Higher numbers are more powerful.)
Incantation: (The incantation of the kido, saying this increases the power of the kido.)
Element: (The element of the Kido, if it has one.)
Description: ( How the kido works and what it does.)



Technique Name: Technique Name: Ryƫ no ikari (rage of the dragon king)
Technique Type: Zanjutsu
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate
Description: After speaking the name of the technique, Jun will hold Byoga up in the air. A flames will then engulf her lower arm and the zanpaktou and continue to existent out until its 30 feet long. The end of the flames will take the shape of a dragon head with long fangs, Senshi will then begin to glow and heaten up Byoga so the "dragon" cannot be put out with water. The dragon is controlled by how Jun moves Byoga, like if she trusts the tanto forward the dragon will charge in that direction. The "neck" itself will be 6 feet wide, while at the head it will be 8 feet wide.

Technique Type: Odoru honoo (dancing flames)
Technique Type: movement/booster
Degree of difficulty: (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, Master)
Description: By crossing the two tanto`s, flames will engulf Jun`s entire body. The flames will not hurt her since they are heaten by Senshi. In a enemies eyes this ability may seem like the first stage of an attack, but in fact it acts like a booster on Jun. The flames will make her three times faster which means she will be able to keep up with a captain who has basic shunpo. Her strentgh will also increase as well, making her hand-to-hand combat advanced, and giving her the ability to crush rocks with a hit or a kick. If any part of her body touches the body of her enemy they will get burned. If the contact is on 5 seconds or less they will only receive first degree burnings. If the contact is on 10 seconds and above they will receive second degree burnings. If the contact is on 20 seconds and above, they will receive third degree burnings.

Technique Name: Shiro Shi (white death)
Technique Type: zanjutsu
Degree of difficulty: intermediate (due to its range being limited to the length of the zanpaktou`s)
Description: After speaking the name of the technique, Senshi will heaten itself and Byoga up. Instead of only heating it to the point of were water wont have an effect, both of the tanto`s will be heaten to the point of were they can cut clean through rocks, most metal and wood. It cannot cut through bones or other zanpaktou`s.


Technique Name:
Technique Type:
Degree of difficulty:

Technique Name:
Technique Type:
Degree of difficulty:

Technique Name:
Technique Type:
Degree of difficulty:

History and RP Sample


Living act:

Jun was born on June the 6th, a hot summer evening. She grew up in a middle-class area. Jun was an only child, and her parents could not afford her the most expensive things, but there was food on the table every night and a holiday or two now and then, their life was simple and happy. It was on her ten year old birthday that everything went wrong. When her mother was down in the bank to get the money that she was gonna buy Jun`s birthday gift with, a robbery took place. Her mother was among 21 other people that were shot that day.

Her father started to drink after the death of his wife, but he remained sane enough to work, which meant they didn`t have to starve. It was like someone had blown out all the warmth in their apartment. No one was smiling and kissing them good morning when they awoke those lazy Sunday mornings, no happy greeting followed by a hug when you came home from work(or school in Jun`s case). At last, it became too much for her father. A December morning, her father took a gun and shot her in the head before shooting himself, he didn`t want to be alone in the afterlife...

Spirit act:

At first, Jun thought she was just in a dream. She was standing next to her own body, which was laying on the floor with a bullet through the head. Hugging the dead body, with a bullet through the neck, was her father, neither was breathing. She had some somewhat strange chain in her chest, and it was broken halfway. She had only been there for two days, and already two links of the chain had disappeared while she took a nap or two.

After strolling randomly through the streets of japan for five days, wondering why no one noticed her, a large creature wearing a mask suddenly approached her, laughing happily over finding such an unusual strong spiritual power in a spirit. Right as the hollow was about to attack, a man wearing, what seemed to be a black kimono(a shinigami uniform), sprung down from a roof, cutting the hollow clean in half.

The man was 6.1 feet tall and appeared to be first in his 20`s. He knelled down and patted the scared Jun on the head, saying she should not be afraid, after all, he had just saved her life. Jun blushed, he was handsome with his dark long hair and Grayish black eyes. He told his name was Daiku Hayazhi, and that they would meet again in rukongai. He placed the hilt of his blade onto her forehead, and gave the young Jun a little smile, as she disappeared into spirit particles.

Rukongai act:

Jun was fairly lucky. She was "reborn", in the 31 district of rukongai, meaning that the standards was fairly better than those in the 60th and above district of the town. It did not take her long to find an abandoned house, right next to the west gate, that lead into seireitei were the shinigami`s lived. Jun spend around two years in rukongai, before "faith", ran past her door. It was a sunny morning in rukongai that the west gates was opened, and some shinigami walked out onto the street, looking around to find the run-away shinigami that had fled from his cell during the night. Daiku was there, wearing a 4th seat band, looking as if he had cut his hair slightly since last she saw him.

As Jun left her little house and ran towards them, it only took Daiku a few seconds to recognize her. The other shinigami was first surprised over seeing their 4th seat officer embrace a young unknown girl who was dressed in a dirty kimono. After Daiku and the others returned to the west gate the same evening, an amazing sight meet them, or at least amazing for Daiku. At the gate, that had opened for them to enter, Jun was standing, holding a ball of reaitsu in her hand.This led to Daiku taking her with him and his squad into the seireitei, were he would enroll her into the academy.

Academy act:

In the acadamy, nothing seemed to be special about Jun. Her grades in sword fighting was slightly higher than the average student, but else she seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, scoring middle, sometimes high grades in each lesson.

During her second year however, was were the changes began to happen. She began having odd dreams about a burning field of flowers. In the first couple of weeks with the dream, it seemed like she was the only thing there. One day, halfway through her second year, and were the dreams had been going on for four months, she meet two beings in it. One was a large silhouette of a dragon, the other was of a man with black hair, dressed in red armor and a even redder cape. When the man tried to talk to her, the dragon began to roar so loud that she could`t hear the man.

Becoming a Hayazhi act:

The news that a second year academy student had met the silhouette of her zanpaktou in the dreams spread throughout the seireitei, and eventually reached even the 13 protection squads. The news of a young academy student who had excellent skills in swordsmanship had already been spreading over a long period of time, and it was a surprise that it was the same youngster.

When Daiku heard of it, he decided that it was now he would put his plan into motion, his plan of getting Jun into the Hayazhi family, they already had a close father/daughter relationship, but he wanted her to become apart of his family. He confronted her with his idea, and at first, Jun straight out refused it, the captain of the 11th division had already applied for her to become apart of his squad because of her swordsmanship skills. Daiku began to explain that the family was not a squad and she could live with him in the Hayazhi main manor, and the entire family would become her family.

After three months of thinking, a meeting was set up with the head of the Hayazhi family so it would become official. Daiku began to explain her abilities and time in seireitei, also why he was close to her. The one leading the meeting, an elder Hayazhi, lifted his hand and silenced Daiku, and then began to ask the young Jun about her will to join the family. Her words seemed to touch the elder Hayazhi, but he held it in and began to discuss it with the head of the family. After a few minutes, the leader approved the adoption and signed under. Daiku was now official the father to Jun.

Meeting Senshi Byoga and a new beginning.

It was during her 30th year in the 11th division that she began to have dreams again, yet this time it was of a burning castle instead of a burning field. Once again the armored man and dragon appeared, yet this time she could see them clearly. Day after day, the man`s voice began to become clear, and the roaring of the dragon began to form slurred words. After a year and a half with the dreams, she finaly heard the voice of them. The words the armored man spoke was, "Our name is Senshi..", "Byoga!", the dragon roared, finishing the other spirit`s sentence.

Jun did really have very good skills when it came to close combat, but due to her shikai abilities being kido based, the captain of the 11th division, didn`t see her fit to be in the division anymore. She was transfered to the first division, and started out as a seventh seat, mostly spending her time on sorting out messages and doing paperwork. People began to wonder why the captain commander would take the young Hayazhi into his squad. Most thought it was because of her noble status, while others meant it was because she was a double wielder, a thing that only occurred once or twice in every second generation.

The road to bankai act:

After having spend years in the first division, and grown to the rank of third seat, Kemiko began to focus more and more on her trainning than the paperwork. She began to converse with Senshi Byoga a lot, asking them if there was a way for her to become stronger. Senshi briefly explained about bankai, and how it set the captains a part from the other shinigami. The thought of gaining more power so she could slay hollows more effective, motivated the young shinigami to begin her bankai training. She would often train with other seated officers whom also had obtained shikai, but mostly she ended up training alone, seeing how she wanted to train her double wielding skills as well. Over the course of 22 years she trained her bankai, finally obtaining it in the age of 145.

RP Sample: (Give an example of how you RP)
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