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Roleplaying Rules.

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Roleplaying Rules. Empty Roleplaying Rules.

Post by Nobara Funesto on Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:38 pm

Roleplaying Rules.

The Do's

Wait to be approved.

The first rule is pretty simple. You must first make a character application and have it accepted before being able to roleplay. Without making one your posts will be deleted, and the same goes for you roleplaying before the application gets approved. If you keep on posting, refusing to take note of this rule then you will be facing the consequences of not being allowed to roleplay on the site and get IP banned.

Posting Amount.

We staff encourage you to write at least a paragraph when posting. We take roleplaying a bit serious, and do not find it enjoyable to read one liners. Naturally if you are a novice when it comes to posting, then the staff is more than glad to help you out and give a few pointers in the right direction.

Writing Style.

We expect every roleplayer to write in 3rd person and past tense. (Example; 'She walked towards the table and grabbed a slice of the cake.' Instead of writing; 'I walk into the room and grab a slice of the cake.') If you have problems with this writing style, then don't hesitate to talk with a staff and get a few pointers and some help. But you wont be getting any favors above the other players.

Thread Number.

Each player is allowed to be active in 2 normal threads, and 1 plot thread at a time. We ask you then to be sure not to have your normal threads happening at the same time, since your character can't possibly be having a tea with a Captain at 3 pm on Tuesday, while also at that same time be fighting off Hollows in the human world.


What is lemon? Lemon is a term for sexually related situations. It can range from mild situations to adult viewers only. We on KoF will turn a blind eye on threads with lemon, as it is allowed for members to have sex or just make out. However, please do not write everything in details. Instead be creative and try to use your roleplaying skills in a way that people wont feel like they are reading a sex novel. There are many ways of doing stuff without writing a hentai. It's also asked of you to mark your threads if you are intending to be having intercourse or a making out session. (As in 'Hiroki's encounter with Shizuo [Lemon in thread.]' or 'Hiroki's encounter with Shizuo [Note, sexual actions in thread.]') It's better so that those that do not wish to read anything sexually related, can just steer clear of those threads without having to make any fuss about it.

Fonts and Style.

When you are posting, then make use of the site's default font. We also ask you not to change the default size of your post or the default color when roleplaying. It's fine to use Bold, Italics, Underlining, Striking and Coloring when letting your character speak or think so that it's easier to read. (Be careful though to use colors that are readable)


It's not forbidden to curse, and as a matter of fact it can often add to the dramatic effects to posts especially when in fights. However, we staff do not appreciate seeing posts that only consist of a foul language and nothing else. Please be creative.

Proper Grammar and Language.

Please make sure you don't have a post filled with typos or grammar errors. Before posting what you wrote, press Preview and read over what you wrote. If English is not your first language and gives you a somewhat a hard time, then PM a staff about it and we will gladly help you out and overlook it if you have some amount of errors to begin with. But we expect you to work hard on improving. Also post all your posts in English so that the staff can go over them without problems, and also so that the person you are roleplaying with can understand what's going on. Occasional cursing words of another language are allowed though.

Entering Topics.

Before entering a topic, please read the title of it first to see if it's only meant for any specific players. Do not post in Private Topics. PM the person that made the thread if you want to join in on it. It can never hurt to be polite, and also saves a lot of time and trouble.

Be Realistic.

Please bear in mind that if you are an academy student, then you wont be able to take on just any type of a hollow or even be able to challenge a Lieutenant. An Espada fraccion can't expect to be able to take on a Captain, a human can't possibly be thinking of attacking an Espada and live to tell. Be realistic about your character's powers and skills.

Posting Order.

Always -always- keep the posting order. No double posts are allowed and no skipping a member if he's a bit late in replying in the thread. Sometimes people can get busy in real life, and therefore we ask all members to show some patience and understanding. However if a roleplayer says it's alright to skip over him in the thread, then there is no problem with that.


It is allowed to kill on this site. And it's completely up to your own intelligence and roleplaying skills if your character will get killed or not. If you are going up against an Espada with a poor sense of judgement and no skills whatsoever, then you can expect your character to get killed. We however ask anyone of a high rank not to enter a topic thread randomly just to be able to kill the person in it. It's always a very sensitive matter when it comes to the death of a roleplay character, so that matter will be supervised by the staff. Also, try not to be overly mean. Of course you can kill this and that character when they challenge you, but also keep in mind that sometimes it's more fun to beat them and leave them to become stronger so that you can spar again in the future. Instead of just killing a character someone has worked hard on without any sense of moral. (Note, with this it is not asked for a player to act out of their character or pretend to be more humane than they already are.)

The Dont's

Don't Take Roleplaying Personal.

Whatever happens in the thread stays in the thread. We do not appreciate seeing anyone start bullying another player outside of the thread just because that person happened to win a fight.

Holding Up Threads.

Please do not hold up threads just because you don't feel like posting for many days in a row. When you join a thread or make a thread, we expect you to finish the job. If something comes up, then please PM a staff about it, let those in your thread know or write an Away Post in the appropriate thread in the Discussion Section.


We do not, ever, allow god-modding. It's not realistic nor fair if your character evades all hits and manages to wound the other roleplayer in every attack you make. (Example; 'Shizuka moved to the sides, evading every punch Shiro threw in her direction before she ran up to him and punched him square in the face before kicking him to the ground.') This type of posting is going to get either Edited or Deleted. You don't post that you automatically hit someone, and you have to be careful to play fair. Although if you are an Academy Student or a Lieutenant which decided to go up against an Espada, then you will most probably be killed right away. Keep in mind the differences in ranks and don't blame anyone else if you decide to challenge someone way out of your league.

Gory Details.

Naturally it is expected for players to get wounded or killed on this site, but we would appreciate it if you kept the gory details to the minimum and instead got a bit more creative in the writing. Nobody wants to read paragraphs upon paragraphs about each vein that was sliced or each bone that was broken in a horrofic way.


Do not use your Out Of Character knowledge in the roleplaying. It's not acceptable that you look over someone's Character Application and then let your own character automatically know all of that person's weaknesses or attacks. It's also not possible for your character to know everything about someone else's character. It doesn't matter if you roleplay as their best friend, brother or parent then you can't know everything they can do or how they think.

Controlling Time.

If the one who created the topic mentions the time in which the topic takes place, then the other roleplayers that enter the thread are not allowed to change that in any way. However if the individual that made the topic doesn't state the time or give any type of hint towards it, then the next player to enter the topic can do so. Until the time is established by someone in the thread, it is up for the grabs.
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