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Conquest Map I: Karakura Town

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Conquest Map I: Karakura Town Empty Conquest Map I: Karakura Town

Post by lifeanddeath on Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:05 pm

Conquest Map I: Karakura Town BleachPlot-1Map-shrunken

Karakurachou :

This is a town map of Karakurachou. First off Karakurachou is the town where Ichigo and his friends live, go school and where everything takes place in Bleach when its not in the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. In this RP setting, Karakurachou is the battle between two forces who exist beyond the perspective of most humans. This town full of Humans, serves as a battleground between the nearly defeated Soul Reapers and the ravenous Hollows.

Given the small number of Shinigami compared to that of their enemies, the battle has been long and hard. The small war force of the Soul Reapers forced them to resort to Guerrilla Tactics, unable to maintain the numbers to re-establish the divisions they had in the past. However, to aid in their battle plans the Shinigami divided the city into Sectors, each sector protected by it's own team of soldiers.

The map above displays which each sector with it's sector number and possession color , which determines it's strategic importance.

Sector One: Controlled by Soul Reapers~
  • Description: This sector is the base of the Soul Reaper Operation, it is where the Captain Commander resides and where all tactical planning of the Shinigami operations occur. This Sector is also home to the Karakura High School. This Sector is protected by the First Division.

Sector Two:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:A sector of Karakura which doesn't seem to be too terrorized by the hollows. You can enjoy a good first date at the cinema or have a nice walk through the friendly neighbourhood. Can't be too careful though, the shinigami don't have much of their manpower around here.

Sector Three:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:A very lively sector, filled with voices and laughter. Students often come to this part when throwing parties at the karaoke bar, of course while being supervised so they wont get drunk out of their minds. And what more fitting place for a romantic evening than having dinner at the Red Lobster? The hollows seem pretty content with doing only occasional scares.

Sector Four:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:What is there to say about this sector? Not much apparently. You could literally get suffocated in the silence as not many seem to roam around this area. You'd mostly see a couple of homeless people wander around. They taste pretty good according to the hollows.

Sector Five:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:A pretty nice sector although it is deep within the clutches of the hollows. An old bookstore with an ancient owner seems to be pretty popular, and surprisingly there are hardly ever any hollow attacks around that store. You can have a nice cup of coffee while reading the book you just bought. And if you feel like mingling and finding fun things to buy for low prizes, then go to the marketplace and have a blast.

Sector Six: Controlled by Soul Reapers~
  • Description:Minamikawase is the Largest Residential area of the city, home to many houses and apartments.

Sector Seven:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:If you feel like showing off in your new bikini, or try hooking up with hot babes then come to the swimming pool on a good and sunny day. There are waterslides and the whole package, and we all know you can't ever get tired of waterslides however old you get. Don't try to deny that. And then after a very busy day with swimming around, you can easily get a cab to drive you home as the cab station is just around the corner. This sector lies close to where the shinigami have control, so the hollows don't usually hang around here that much.

Sector Eight:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:This sector holds the most awesome nerding store in Karakura town. You can get the best models of laptops and a new DVD comes with the package. Just don't spend all your money here.

Sector Nine:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:A beautiful park to walk through while holding hands. And a great cinema for all the kick ass latest movies. But be careful, the hollows can get rather aggressive in this area as it is next to sector 12.

Sector Ten:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:There aren't much of people here, but luckily there's a good diner which serves good quality fast food. Perhaps not the healthiest place, but the food tastes damn good.

Sector Eleven:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:The Gakuenchou District is one of the poorer districts of the city. The houses and apartments in a shabby state and the residents are under constant unexplained attacks by the Hollow

Sector Twelve:Controlled by Hollow Forces~
  • Description:Much of this Sector lies in ruins, it is an abandoned part of the city, due to fear which is instilled in humans due to the overwhelming spiritual pressure in the area. This Area is also home to the Spirit Gate; the goal for this section of the conquest.

Capturing a Sector:
The Ultimate Goal is to control both Karakura and the Soul Society and this can be acheived through capturing sectors until the gate to the Soul Society can be located. [See the information about the Gate to the Soul Society below]. To capture a Sector there are two guides one must follow, one for Shinigami and one for the Espada/Arrancar.

To Capture a Sector[Shinigami]
  • Must wage and win a battle against two or more Arrancar or Higher.
  • Must have a Soul Reaper ready to become Captain of that sector and establish a division to fend off Hollow within that Sector.

To Caputer a Sector:[Arrancar Forces]
  • An Arrancar must wage a battle against 3 Shinigami of any level to capture a territory.

A Note about Hollow Controlled Sectors: These Sectors are more dangerous for both Soul Reapers and Spiritually Aware Humans. Hollow Controlled Sectors may still be RPed in, but they run the risk of Hollow attacks.

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