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Forgotten Conquest: A Battle Swaying Between Balance and Destruction.

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Forgotten Conquest: A Battle Swaying Between Balance and Destruction.

Post by lifeanddeath on Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:00 pm

I refuse to be FORGOTTEN!!:
The Official Story Line of the the Site.

The gray eyes of an aged man gazed over the ruined city. ”There was once a time when this was a place of power......“ his deep voice whispered into the wind as he looked out ahead of him. The city was ridden with vermin, the type of creatures who devoured souls for strength. The aged man sat himself upon the ruins and began to write, safe from the beasts because he did not exist beyond his purpose.

These cannibals of the spirit realm. This ruin was once a great city known as the Soul society, a place wear souls rest once their fleshy existence had ended. What was once great has faded into legend, into that of myths and stories and the spirits are lost. Those who once kept order have faded into the past and the souls were lost, left two dwell amongst the humans, the pluses live unseen in the Human Realm, unable to pass into Nirvana; truly without hope for the final peace. Left to their own devices the spirits find despair where they might have been saved and thus begins the chaos.

Where they once may have been living their days among the Soul Society, the spirits became beasts of a ravenous hunger. With their chain’s of fate ripped from them before they could be released into Nirvana, the pluses became dark creatures known as Hollows. These creatures served only to further push the scales beyond imbalance as they roamed the realms. A Hollow knows only one thing; the twisted souls know only hunger. They feel naught but hunger for creatures similar to themselves, their craving is souls and the world is a buffet. Their need will devour a soul of any sort, be it a Shinigami, a Human, a Soul or even a Hollow itself, for they are not picky; all is nourishment, serving to increase their power.

With no Death God's to dispose of them the Hollow reigned supreme across each of the three realms. Whilst there once sworn enemies faded, the Arrancar rose to form the Espada and thus bringing the scales of order to their breaking point. None stood to oppose the Espada and their army of devouring beasts. The Shinigami were all but destroyed. The quincy existing scarcely in legend. And the humans were merely food for these creatures. It seems the world may fall to evil at last.

But wait, even in the darkest of times, a sliver of hope can be found if one only knows where to look. A great evil, a darkness stretching across time itself had nearly wiped the Shinigami from this existence, yet in a stroke of luck the side of good was given a fighting chance. A small group of Shinigami escaped into the human realm and went into hiding, biding time until they amassed enough strength to wage war against he beasts.

Every man has a cause which they would proudly die for, have you found yours? Shall your purpose be that of darkness to aide the Arrancar and become a force for chaos. Or perhaps your path lies among order, with the very Gods of Death themselves. Will the Shinigami rise once more or shall they fall forever into the darkness. And what of the Arrancar and the army of Hollow, will they continue to devour and destroy, or shall they be defeated only to slink back into the shadows from whence they came? The time has come to choose sides, will you leave a legacy or fade away and be Forgotten

Plot Overview:
  • The Destruction of the Soul Society has left the Soul Reapers fighting a war to restore ballance and return to their orginal purpose. However while inhabbiting the Human world, the Shinigami are forced to participate in the human world, which includes, working and going to school.
  • The Espada and their Arrancar/Hollow Army are seeking to eradicate their sworn enemies and maintain control of both Heuco Mundo and the Soul Society as well as a large percentage of Karakura Town.


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