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Basic Information
Nobara Funesto 12253511

Name: Nobara Funesto [Ill-fated Wild Rose]

Physical Age: In her early twenties

Actual Age: 1000

Gender: Female

Rank: Leader of the Espada

Number: 1

Looks: Nobara stands at roughly 5'7 (170 cm) while having a rather petite body build. However she has the womanly curves needed to attract admiration from the opposite sex. What one would probably first notice about her would be her radiating crystal blue eyes under thick and long eyelashes. Her slightly high and delicately formed eyebrows add to her serious and intelligent expression. As if to add to the captivating color to her eyes, Nobara always wears a blue-ish/purplish eye-shadow around her eyes. Her pale and smooth skin is without any blemishes. Raven black and silky smooth hair flows down her shoulders and a bit down her back, but Nobara usually wears it in two pig tails high on her head, while having her bangs swept aside over her forehead. Her nose is small and petite, her mouth delicate with slighty full lips that hide a row of strong and pearly white teeth.

The young looking Espada Leader carries the sweet aroma of a rose, even if she doesn't use perfumes on a regular basis. It's like the sweet scent simply follows her around everywhere. Her clothing when in the role of the Espada Leader consists of a black hoody-coat which reaches a bit further down than her knees, a black shirt which has a dark purple vest over it, dark purple pants and equally purple boots which reach up to her mid-thighs. Around her small waist go two black belts. A small, purple tie decorates the shirt, and in the middle of that tie is a small sapphire looking jewel. The shirt reaches up high enough to hide Nobara's hollow hole. However when Nobara visits the human world, her clothing can vary from many things and the sapphire is kept in her earlobe as an earring. She never parts with it, and there's a good reason for that.

Nobara Funesto Re-lma10

Hollow Hole: A small hole at the base of her neck.

Mask Fragment: The mask's fragments is very hard to spot, as it is on her head. It streches up both the sides of her head, above her ears. So that the long bangs of her hair completely hide the mask fragments when her hair is up in the pig tails. To most that would see the mask, they would think it was just a hair accessory.

Number Tattoo: It is on the middle of her chest, just above her cleavage.

It would appear that Nobara is capable of showing very different sides to herself.

Her Usual Self.
What mostly puts off those around her is how frightfully calm she always appears to be. Even when she executes someone for ignoring her commands. She appears to be made of stone, not a single emotion readable from her beautiful face. She handles all situations with intelligence and rational thinking, while also taking heed of learning from any incidents so that they can be avoided in the future. She tends to enjoy sitting down with tea or something else warm to drink, while striking up a conversation with one of her Espada. It's always interesting for her to learn more about others, and get to know how they think and how to best use their abilities. Nobara is very fond of challenges and never backs down from anything. She doesn't mind it when anyone below her wishes to challenge her, as she knows there is no one yet born in the hollow ranks which can win her in a fight. She usually doesn't kill those that challenge her, but beats them into submission.

Even if she is strict and doesn't hesitate with punishments, then all those under her command hold a great deal of respect for her. It rarely if ever happens that anyone would try to plot against her, and if that happens either she herself takes care of that small problem, or someone else high ranked. Nobara only has Espada which she knows she can trust, and who will obey her without running wild all over the place. Nobara also always keeps her words, never breaking any promises about any matter. And she intends to keep her promise about making the shinigamis extinct.

Her humor when in her "Leader role" is somewhat cruel and her laughter could easily chill down anyone's pure soul. That is if the hollows would have that. She enjoys watching persons struggle to gain what they want, even if it just means for them to live a bit longer. Nobara has an interest of trying out new things, even if they can be considered weird. She has good leadership skills, an extreme willpower, and has proven many times to be very intelligent and be able to read situations well.

Her "human-like" self.
Whenever she visits the human world, it's as if she gets a bit of her old self back. She can joke around with people, likes to strike up random conversations and appears to be a very lovable and normal girl. One of the habits she also still holds onto since she was a human and a shinigami, is to always have pocky on her. She enjoys nibbling on it whenever in deep thought, and also in dire situations. She claims that the sweetness helps calm her mind and make her more capable of concentrating. She doesn't seek out fights, and on the contrary tends to play the role of the person that calms others down and tries to let them see the wrong in their actions. She enjoys small things like sitting outside while watching the clouds move lazily over the sky. And to even better improve the mood, have a bowl of strawberries with whipped cream at her lap. Yes, she tends to be quite the sweet tooth.

There are times in which she can have a rather sad expression on her face, and then usually when she see's siblings together. Truth is, even if she has troubles admitting it to herself, then the old life manages to prod at her mind from time to time. She gets a feeling of nostalgic, and even manages if not for just a few minutes to forget just what she is now. It would be hard for anyone to guess though that the whole time she has a conversation with someone and jokes around, then she's carefully studying everyone around her. She's constantly seeking out new shinigami which could be a good prey. Deep down in her chest the constant boil of old hatred and bitterness still manages to linger around, never freeing her from it's clutches. It's a fun habit of hers to get part time jobs in the human world, since it can be a bit boring to sit around and do nothing for years in her palace. Hollows are rarely if ever spotted in the areas where Nobara works in the human world, she has made it quite clear what will happen to those that spoil her fun.

When she gets angered.
It's best to never get Nobara angered. It has never happened while she had been a Leader, but before that happened she had some issues with remaining on her calm side. There is nothing that can calm her but time if the bad mood strikes. She turns into a berserk which cuts down anyone and anything in her way. When she was at rank 6 in the Espada ranks, she even was called "Nobara the Bloodthirsty" for a while after having so brutally slain the number before her. It was like nothing the others had seen. However as she rose more in rank, she gained more respect and also got more of that calmness over her. Anyone that dared to mention her old nickname got punished, so it was soon forgotten.

Main Likes:
Killing shinigamis
Strawberries with whipped cream
Learning new things
Having a casual chat
Watching clouds while daydreaming
Taking long walks

Main Dislikes:
Too loud people
Those without a pride
Things that remind her of her sister
Spicy food
To have things interfere with her plans

Weapon Information

Weapon Name: Mariposa [Butterfly]

Weapon Looks: Usually when in it's sealed state, Mariposa is hidden within the sapphire at Nobara's neck. She can however remove that disguise whenever she pleases by pressing her finger to the sapphire and emitting reiatsu into it.

The sword itself has the standard silvery looking blade, but is very different from any normal katana as it has more the shape of a sword, being a bit broad and flat. The sword is double edged, and has a rather brutal blade which has ridges like those of a saw, and razor sharp at that. The sword is about 45" in length (114 cm). The hilt is black with a silvery end, and the scabbard is also black but has a rather artistic look to it, the decorative form making it capable to see a bit of the sword while it's sheathed.
Nobara Funesto Maripo10

Resurrección Release Phrase: "Aleteo" ["Flutter"]

Resurrección Information

Represent: A butterfly

Family: Gravity

Looks: Upon releasing her first Resurrección, Nobara's hair grows longer until it flows down to her waist, while still in pig-tails. Where her mask fragments are on her head, there sprout two, small black horns. A red and black armor, which has the same strength as her enhanced Hierro, forms around her body instead of her normal clothing. Her boots turn also into an armor which is also black and red and reaches up her thighs. On her arms forms an armor in the same color. Out from Nobara's back sprout wings which reach about one and half meter. They are black with a red outline, but in the middle of them is the beautiful decoration of butterfly wings.
Nobara Funesto Nobara12
Nobara's Zanpakuto changes drastically, now getting more the appropriated looks for a gravity elemental sword. It takes the form of a huge sword, reaching 2 meters in length overall while also having a wide and very intimidating blade. In the middle of the blade comes a hole which is perfect for either trapping limbs or weapons of the opponents, or to use when Nobara is searching for a better grip on her weapon.
Nobara Funesto That_s11

Resurrección: Segunda Etapa

Looks: Upon her second release, Nobara changes drastically in appearance. Turning into a winged humanoid about 2m tall, with a single horn on her forehead. Her hair gets short and has a somewhat light red color to it, her eyes turn golden with the pupils of a dragon. Her skin turns blood red. She gets claws instead of finger- and toenails. Her wings sprout back in the length of around 3 meters. Her mask gathers on the front of her chest, under her hollow hole, as if forming an extra hard shield to protect that area.
Nobara Funesto Prisci11


Passive Abilities:
Name: Enhanced Pesquisa
State: Passive.
Description: The mastered Pesquisa technique, where Nobara can tell immediately from a single glance at her opponent how powerful he is. She is also able to comprehend the flow and concentration of the person's energy.

Name: Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
State: Passive.
Description: Nobara doesn't favor any fighting style over another, but she does prefer to be able to skip drawing her weapon unless when in need for it. Or when she finds the opponent worthy. She attacks from any possible angle, using high speed and strength in each punch and kick she throws at the opponent.

Name: Overwhelming Spiritual Power
State: Passive.
Description: The spiritual power of Nobara instills despair into anyone which senses it. The power seems so vast that it can hardly be identified as reiatsu. Not only being bigger and stronger than other spiritual energy, then it also has this smothering and overwhelming feeling to it. Like there's been placed a bag over the person's head, and slowly they are being denied more and more of air. Whenever Nobara releases it, whomever close to her and that is under her own rank will be forced down on their knees. However, Nobara can control how much of her spiritual power leaks out and she normally keeps it at the normal Espada level.

Name: Master Swordsmanship Specialist
State: Passive.
Description: Nobara is highly skilled in swordmanship, capable of using her speed for flawless precision and to inflict lethal attacks without much effort. She uses only her right hand while vielding her sword, while having her left hand free to either shoot out a Cero or to defend against attacks.

Name: Sonído Master
State: Passive.
Description: Nobara has perfected her trait of speed. Her sonido can keep up with Bankai and Resurrección speeds. She moves so fast that in fact she leaves after-images in her place. Upon entering her released states her speed gets even greater, the earth starting to crack under her feet.

Name: Enhanced Hierro
State: Passive.
Description: Nobara's hierro has been mastered up to the point where she can deflect attacks barehanded, as well as taking on direct attacks and slashes without getting an injury. Only attacks from someone of her own rank, or someone highly skilled that's close to her own rank would be able to actually harm her with an attack. With enough of willpower, confidence and a high enough rank there is a possibility though that an opponent might make a "lucky slash". While in her released forms, her Hierro is even stronger, making it impossible for Bankai's or Resurrección's to make any "lucky slashes" on her.

Name: Enhanced Strength
State: Passive
Description: Nobara has a monster strength, something that might be surprising for those that see her petite figure. She can make large rips to the ground with a single punch, kick in rock walls, as well as kick or punching her opponents a tremendous distance.

Name: High-Speed Regeneration (超速再生, Chōsoku Saisei; lit. "Ultra-Fast Regeneration")
State: Passive
Description: This is a supplementary ability possessed by many Hollows, as well as some Shinigami that have undergone Hollowfication. It allows them to recover from any damage that they sustain by causing them to heal at an increased rate, closing the wounds on their body and causing any limbs that they have lost to grow back. Despite the many benefits that it provides, most Hollows choose to abandon the ability to regenerate when they become Arrancar, in exchange for a greater amount of power. Regardless, when Arrancar use their Resurrección, their wounds heal away instantly.
While high-speed regeneration is indeed a powerful ability, it is not without its flaws. Despite the extent to which it can heal the body, internal organs such as the brain cannot be regenerated; if such irreparable damage is sustained, the rest of the body can continue to regenerate, though to no avail. In addition, if the body is damaged before it has the chance to heal, or if enough damage is inflicted on it at once, then it can be destroyed.
Cool Down: Regeneration chart how long in post it takes to regenerate something more than cuts and minor wounds which would heal instantly.
When sealed:
(1) post for broken bones.
(2) posts for more severe wounds.
(4) posts for limbs and organs.
(5) posts if very vital ones.
When in Resurrección:
(instant) post for broken bones.
(1) post for more severe wounds.
(3) posts for limbs and organs.
(4) posts if very vital ones.
When in Second Resurrección:
(instant) post for broken bones.
(instant) post for more severe wounds.
(2) posts for limbs and organs.
(3) posts if very vital ones.

Name: Enhanced Agility and Reflexes.
State: Passive.
Description: Plus already having the ability to be incredibly fast, Nobara's body is as agile as that of a ballet dancer. She can twist and turn on the battle field, dancing around the opponent's attacks while fiercly throwing out her own attacks.

Name: Reiatsu Suppressing
State: Passive.
Description: While on the constant hunt for shinigami, Nobara has mastered the ability to suppress her reiatsu down until it can't be sensed any longer. This makes it possible for her to enter the human world without anyone noticing, and those that approach her will think she is a normal human.

Normal/Resurrección Techniques:
Name: Gentle Sword
State: Both
Description: Nobara uses her sword to deflect her opponent's attack with little opposing force. By countering the blade with little strength she is able to knock the blade off it's intended path or away from it's intented target entirely. This creates an incredible defense, being able to easily deflect any opponents attack.

Name: Rippling Sword
State: Both
Description: This technique involves swift undulation of her sword arm so her sword appears to be rippling. The optical illusion it creates makes "forecasting" extremely difficult. She uses this ability to avoid her attacks being blocked. Only those with a keen eye and a high rank can see through this technique, or if they have an unusually swift attacking force then they can block these attacks up to a certain degree.

Name: Gran Rey Cero (王虚の閃光 (グラン・レイ・セロ), guran rei sero; Spanish for "Grand King Zero", Japanese for "Royal Hollow Flash")
State: Both
Description: Gran Rey Cero is a Cero that only Espada are capable of using. It is performed by mixing an Espada's own blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the Espada. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero, capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor upon release as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. It is a drastically potent Cero, used only by the Espada themselves. It takes 3 posts to recharge. Nobara's Gran Rey Cero is dark purple.

Name: Garganta Broadcast
State: Both
Description: Nobara can create a visual broadcast, similar to a television screen, using individual Garganta portals.

Name: Bala Cero
State: Both
Description: A combination of Bala and Cero. With the speed of Bala and the great attack power of Cero, this attack can be used from various parts of the user's body. 3 post cooldown.

Name: Strong Sword
State: Both
Description: This style of attack involves the user digging her sword into the ground, building up potential energy, and releasing with greater power than a normal strike. Able to cut through weaker level Zanpakutos. [below seated level]

Name: Gravity Battleground
State: Both
Description: By focusing spiritual energy, Nobara can manipulate the gravity at varying levels within 15 meters of her. Meaning she could make anything past 5 meters from where she is standing have an increased gravity to the point where anyone outside of those with a released Bankai will have difficulties moving.

Name: Double Gran Rey Cero
State: Both
Description: Nobara channels into both her hands an immense amount of energy before raising them up and firing out two dark purple Gran Rey Cero's at the same time. She can either mix them up and make the power double up, or hold her hands in different directions for different targets. Can only be used once in each fight.

Name: Flight
State: Resurrección
Description: In her released state, Nobara can now use her wings to fly.

Name: Cero Oscuras (黒虚閃, (セロ・オスキュラス), sero osukyurasu; Spanish for "Dark Zero", Japanese for "Black Hollow Flash")
State: Resurrección
Description: A black Cero with a purple outline to it when Nobara uses it. A Cero which can only be used while in the released states. Cero Oscuras is powerful enough to destroy a large part of the city-sized Las Noches' dome.

Name: Body Manipulation
State: Resurrección (goes for only 2nd Resu though)
Description: She can extend her fingers at high speed to strike from a range of up to 5 meters. Her arms and wings can also unravel and extend into tentacles/ribbons that crush and tear her opponents if she gets them.

Name: Zero Zone
State: Resurrección.
Description: As Nobara releases her Resurrección, she can cause surrounding heavy objects to decrease their weight enough to start floating up from the earth. While she can also make other objects heavy enough to break through the ground or flooring. She can also use this on people, making their body weight either multiply until they can't move from their spot on the ground, or make their mass light enough that they start floating about and have difficulties being able to control their actions. Captains can withstand this technique up to where they can stand with some difficulties. Someone of Nobara's own rank would only have their weight multiplied by 2 to 3 times, and the same with decreasing. Just that small matter though can be enough to throw anyone off balance and disturb their attacking routine. Objects / people need to be within the radius of 10 meters in all direction so they will be affected.
Cooldown for this technique is 3 posts.

Name: Gravity Repulsion
State: Resurrección.
Description: The ability to manipulate gravity at the user's will allows them to create the appearance that they are able to repulse matter away. By creating a gravity behind the target object, the target will be attracted to that area. By using this technique as a defensive measure, all attacks directed to the user will appear to be deflected as they will be attracted in a degree to the gravity well, no matter the size, power or mass; however, it has been shown that it is possible to withstand this technique. A Lieutenant or higher may be able to withstand this technique. The downside to this technique is the period in which it is unusable after being used. The minimal time period is one post for smaller objects/normal attacks and 3 posts for Bankai or higher.

Name: Graviga
State: Resurrección.
Description: This technique is a larger scale of the above technique. By manipulating gravity around a 10 m area, the user is able to create a gravity well above the area. The gravity well increases the downward force of the area causing it to collapse upon itself. This can be used to produce varying effects, depending on the amount of force Nobara puts in this technique , it can easily shatter wood, bones, stone, metal. This can also be used to increase the gravity of an area by slight amounts, increasing the weight of those in the area and as such reducing their speed by 50%. This technique is dangerous to all those under the released Bankai state. The second effect of this technique lasts 3 posts and has a 5 post cool down. The first effect can only be used once per thread as it is extremely draining and requires 3 posts preperation (no other techniques can be used in this period).

Name: Weight Shifting
State: Resurrección.
Description: This is Nobara's ability to be able to quickly increase or decrease the weight of a single object at a time. For an example if she is attacking with a heavy weapon, she can make it much lighter for herself to swing, while then adding to the damage by increasing it's weight drastically upon striking the target. She can also do the same to an opponents weapon, but only after having been done touching it once with either her own weapon or any part of her body, her reiatsu feeling gets moved onto the object.
Cooldown for this technique is 3 posts.

Name: Magnetic Gravity.
State: Resurrección.
Description: Nobara can pull objects and her opponents towards her, while the opponent stands in a 5 meters range. It differs from the rank of the opponent how many she can pull. Only one Captain, up to 3 Lieutenants and then a group of smaller fries. Cooldown for this technique is 3 posts.

Name: Gyro Gravitation
State: Resurrección.
Description: Nobara either punches into the ground or slashes into it with her sword, making stones and matters rise up into the air along with any person in the area of 7 meters. She then stomps her foot down, and everything falls down together in a pile. Very effective against weaker opponents. Cooldown for this technique is 3 posts.

Name: Reiatsu Spear
State: Resurrección
Description: Nobara forms from her purple reiatsu in her hand a spear-like weapon that reaches the length of 2 meters, which she uses to throw a long distance at her opponents. It has the ability to search out the reiatsu of the last opponent Nobara touched, and wont stop until it hits that source of reiatsu. This reiatsu spear can pierce through any type of defense or hardened skin. It can only be used once in a fight. It gets stuck in whatever thing it pierced, until Nobara cancels her Resurrección so there is no use trying to heal whomever it strucks. It depends on the skill of the oppenent just where the spear lands.

Name: Demi Cero
State: Resurrección.
Description: Above her horns (or horn, depending on which released state she is in) Nobara starts gathering what seems to be a Cero. It is black and has purple energy lines which seem to bubble inside of it. When having gained the appropriate size of a Gran Rey Cero, Nobara shoots it out at the opponent/s. However instead of just having a destructive blast, then whomever it hits gets stuck inside of it for a few seconds. On the outside the Cero starts acting like a black hole, drawing in those around who are too weak to resist (under Lieutenant rank) Before the Cero then implodes from the inside out, it's powers are the same as of a Gran Rey Cero. The main damage goes for the person inside of the Cero, while those that got sucked towards it had the same damage dealt as if from a blast of a normal Cero. She can fire up to 3 Demi Cero's in a fight. It takes it 4 posts to charge up again.

Name: Planetary Devastation
State: Resurrección.
Description: Nobara's biggest attack in which she can only use once per fight since it strains her greatly, taking 70% of her reiatsu. She begins with forming a black sphere of gravity which she throws into the sky. This sphere now starts attracting objects from all directions and pulls them together into a rapidly growing sphere, compressing them together. The surrounding earth, including forests and mountains, are collected into a single point, piling on top of one another as the sphere keeps growing. A large crater is left where the earth has been collected from. This technique can be used to destroy whole cities. It takes 7 posts to complete, and can only be stopped by either killing Nobara or making her loose her consciousness.

If the technique gets dispelled, the sphere will fall apart and the crushed remains of whatever was pulled into it rain down to the ground. However if the technique is allowed to keep going, Nobara will make the sphere and damage grow until she can no longer have the strength to hold the sphere, but will throw her arms down and make it come crashing onto the earth. Only Captains would have the strength to resist getting dragged into this sphere, but even then they would have to work for it.

History and RP Sample


Human > Hollow (In this case Shinigami first.):

Nobara was born a completely normal girl. She was loved, and loved those around her. But perhaps the one she loved the most was her younger sister, Mei. There was only 3 years age difference between the sisters, and yet they always acted like twins. Nobara was a bit slow in growing up for her first years so they were of similar size until Nobara reached the age of 8 and started to be able to grow normally. Nobara was always the one to help her sister out, taking on anyone that bullied her and was always there if Mei needed something. She was also very popular with the other kids and had lots of friends who looked up to her for always speaking her mind and never backing down from anything. She got high grades and made their parents very proud. The sisters used to have a secret coding system, where they would write on glass and windows with their fingers and then the other would blow on the glass so that the steam would reveal what had been written.

There was little known of sorrow or any kind of bad emotions in their household, as their parents were very happy and successful in their jobs, giving the two sisters both love and anything they would need to feel happy. The few times the sisters had a fight, it never took more than a day for them to make up again. They also used to sleep in the same bed a LOT of the time, making their parents facepalm and worry about that sister complex which seemed to be going on. Even as Nobara had turned 17 and Mei was 14, they would sneak into each other room to chat about boys or anything they could think of, before falling asleep next to each other. There was nothing more deep or pure than their love for one another. As Nobura turned 18, she naturally demanded to be able to have a driver's license as she had just recently started going out with a boy and wanted to be able to drive to his place or drive around with her friends like the rest of her friend group were able to do. Naturally her parents didn't have anything to object to that, and so Nobara got the license.

Mei seemed to approve of Nobara's boyfriend, as he was a sweet and down to earth type of guy who didn't seem to be rushing her older sister into anything. For now, they had just exchanged a few kisses and Nobara had let him hold her hand. This was of course information which she shared nonstop with her sister, and they had a good laugh over that together. Nobara was one of those girls who seemed to be always cheerful and yet calm and very intelligent and realistic. So nothing to worry about when it would come to her future.

"Siiiiiis, hurry uuuup or the movie will begin before we make it there!" Nobara tapped her foot impatiently on the floor while glancing down on her watch for the 20th time in the past 2 minutes. Finally, her beloved sister came running and they cast a quick goodbye to their parents before going outside. A new romantic comedy was showing in the theater and Nobara and Mei had managed to whine and bother their parents about it until they got their father's car borrowed to be able to go to see the movie. "Alright!" Nobara jumped under the wheel and started the car before putting on her seatbelt, while scolding her sister to do the same. The radio got tuned up to the highest, and off they went. Little did they know that at the same time, a man walked out of a pub while drunk out of his mind. His fingers fiddled into his pocket before finding the car keys, while he barely managed to crawl into the car and start it. He drove a rather large pickup truck, and it would have been save to say that he did not drive at normal speed while under the influences of the alcohol.

Meanwhile, Nobara stopped the car on a red light and sung at the top of her lungs with her sister to a lame song in the radio which had been played so often that probably anyone in the city knew it by now. Everything was perfect. Nobara looked with a smile on her sister, before she parted her lips to say something. But instead she frowned a bit, looking slowly out of the window of the car as highlights of another car were blinding them both. "Wait.. doesn't he see it's a red light? W-what is he..doing?" Her breath got caught in her throat as she watched a car on the other side of the lights swing around on the road at a dangerous speed. And it was heading straight at Nobara and Mei's car which was still. Green light came, Nobara was quick in driving onwards but it was too late.

The other car was completely out of control, and it came at them so fast that there was no time to think, no time to do anything. Nobara's blue eyes stared in horror out of the window before she grabbed at her sister while screaming. "MEI GET OUT OF THE CA-" She never managed to finish the sentence. The pickup truck slammed into their small station wagon, crumbling the car down like a harmonica. When the ambulance finally arrived at the scene along with a firetruck and police cars, both the sisters were dead. When the doors and roof were cut off, the brutal sight of their bloody and mangled bodies made most look away with tears in their eyes. The two young girls had never had a chance to live through that. But what caught most of their eyes was that they were holding hands, their fingers linked together as if that had been the last thing on their mind.

In their death

When Mei and Nobara awoke, it took them a few hours to process just what had happened. And then it was a state of confusion, sorrow and finally anger for being taken away from life. But they had each other. And that was what was important, and probably saved them both for getting stuck at the scene of the accident and turning into hollows. Hand in hand, they roamed around the city. They had at first checked up on their parents, but it had been just too hard to be around them and not be able to touch or speak to them. To have to see their tears of sorrow while they wept for their lost children. Nobara also checked up on her boyfriend, and a few tears ran down her cheeks while she watched him crying while cradling a picture of her.

It wasn't easy being a soul in the city, hollows seemed to be everywhere. Those frightening monsters chased them more than once and more than twice, almost scaring them senseless. But one day something new happened. They had then been wandering about for a few weeks. While running away from a hollow, a man all of the sudden stood in front of the two sisters. He was dressed in a black outfit, and he had a katana in his hand. Calmly he had told them to step behind him while he would take care of the hollow. Frightened, they had done as he had said and watched in awe as he slayed the hollow effortlessly. After that, he went to them, smiled calmly and explained what he was. He then next explained that he would send them to this place called Soul Society. Deciding it was probably best to leave this place, Nobara and Mei grabbed each other's hands tightly before asking him to please go on and send them to that other world he spoke of.

In Soul Society

When Nobara and Mei first arrived in Soul Society, they naturally appeared in Rukongai to begin with. It wasn't long though until they had managed to get well ahead with practising Kido's, showing a natural skill in that area. Thrilled upon their newly found powers, they decided to become Shinigami and entered the academy. Both of them were quick to gain the respect of the other students, and the superiors had a close eye on them as they knew that those two would strive for something big. Nobara had her eyes set on a lieutenant's seat for a squad of medical abilities while Mei seemed to be trying to make up her mind. As with all other students, it took them a few years to rise up but they did so quickly and with much effort while showing to everybody that they would be most probably Captain materials after a few hundred years. Everything was going wonderfully, both Mei and Nobara were happy and very content with their lives as Shinigamis. They had many friends and many that respected them.

But as so many times before, then all good things must come to an end. There was an attack on Soul Society. One of many which seemed to have been happening recently. Everything seemed to go into chaos, as there were hollows everywhere. Nobara had left her division's barrack and was fighting furiously with her comrades. "Where is Mei?" She yelled out at one of the shinigamis running past her. No answer was found, and thus the battle continued. Nobara felt desperate in knowing where her sister was and if she was alright, but she couldn't just leave her comrades while in the middle of a battle. Just as they cut down the last hollow, Nobara looked up only to see a scared expression of those that stood in front of her. "What is i-" A strangled cry burst forth from her as she felt a piercing pain at her stomach. She felt faintly as she was lifted in the air where she dangled like a rag doll. Her hands flew down to where the pain was, only to find a large paw like hand of a hollow that had impaled her. "H..elp... m-me.." Blood dripped down from the corners of her mouth, her skin was as pale as snow as her eyes were wide with a look of horror in them.

Why wasn't there anyone doing anything? Those 6 shinigamis she had been fighting alongside with were all just standing there, staring at the scene while crying out of fright. They were all too scared to help her, they were paralyzed with fear. "" Her eyes closed, opened again. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion around her. Even blinking seemed to be taking minutes. Just then, she saw a red headed girl staring also at the scene. It was a girl from the division next to Nobara's, but by now her vision was blurry, her head was in chaos, so naturally her first thought was that it was her sister. "M-Mei.." Her arm slowly moved upwards, her hand open and stretching towards the girl in a silent plead. But the arm dropped down, a single tear fell from Nobara's shocked eyes as the girl let out a scream and ran away.' And then she felt another hand around her neck, something pulled at her, and everything went black. When Mei finally arrived, not 6 minutes after this her sister was already gone. Dead again. But this time she had left alone.

In Hueco Mundo

It's not for sure if there was some force which was around that had felt the disbelief and thought of betrayal in Nobara's heart right before she died. But at least instead of perishing she was reborn into Hueco Mundo. Where those who were damned went. Where the forsaken went. Where those who held a grudge went. At first Nobara had sat still, hugging her knees to her chest while so alone in this dark and cold world. In her mind there was only the flash back of how her sister had ran away. Left her to die. How none of the shinigami had even raised their little finger to help her. There didn't pass many days until the hole started to form on her chest. It also didn't take long for it to keep growing, until nothing was left of the girl. But instead there was a monster in her place. A hollow filled with rage, searching for a way to get revenge against Soul Society.

Hollow > Gillian:

The hollow's appetite was never ending. It devoured a hollow after hollow, as each time it did so the power within it grew stronger and stronger. It attacked anything in it's way, not caring what type of a hollow it was. Just as long as it could feed, feed until it would grow strong enough to get that revenge which was always lurking at the inside of what had once been a heart. After having eaten for a long time, it finally noticed some major chances which were happening in it's body. At first there was the growth of it's body, before it started to be more capable of attacking stronger hollows. And finally it had reached the state of a Menos Grande. But that wasn't enough. On and on it fought, devoured, until it had the rest of the minor hollows an Menos Grande under it's power. It started feasting on other Menos Grande, letting out shrieks of joy as it felt the power inside of it double up.

Gillian > Adjuchas:

After some time of eating, never seeming to get bored of it, the Menos Grande started shrinking in size even if it's powers kept growing. With each day that passed, each hollow that got devoured, the size went down. And not only that, but there started to grow on the outside of it's body a white armor. It was like an armor of bones, and yet it was so much stronger than that. Not much was left now of the Menos Grande, but instead of it there was now something new. Something that had a bit of a shape of the human it had once been, although there was a grim mask covering it's face. The white body armor stretched all over the body of the creature, and went out of the back of it like wings. It anyone would have been supposed to guess what this Adjucha reminded them of, they would have said a butterfly. Although it was a very bulky butterfly. She was able to fly now, and thus she managed to escape to the "upper level" of Hueco Mundo. To the white desert. There she found more Adjucha, along with hollows. And of course, they got devoured one by one.

Adjuchas > Vasto Lorde/Arrancar:

The butterfly looking hollow kept tearing through the hollows in it's way. And slowly but steadily it started moving towards where it knew those who ruled over Hueco Mundo lived. Their powers drew it closer, it's hunger for more power calling out to them. Every Adjucha, hollow.. anything that got in it's way was devoured without a question. Nothing escaped. The Adjucha's powers rose frightfully fast, and it started to attract some attention. Through a slow and painful process, it's hollow hole started to shrink a bit and move upwards to it's neck. The body armor seemed to be also starting to retreat a bit from it's limbs, allowing it to have more of the old human look. But still there was something missing. And so it kept on with the same routine for a bit of a time. Until one day, it encountered one of the Espadas. He had been watching that particular Adjucha for a few weeks, and decided it would be interesting to see if it would live through the process of jumping straight from it's current rank and to the Arrancar rank.

The Adjucha looked with pride upon the Espada, but knew that it better have shown some respect if it wanted to live. And thus, with a scream which pierced through the air, it's mask got torn off. Now, Nobara was starting to appear again. However her skin was paler now that she was a hollow. Her eyes didn't have laughter in them anymore. Her beautiful face showed only coldness, her gaze piercing through anyone which happened to be in her way. Her clothes were all white. A Zanpakuto which was very similar to her shinigami one appeared at her side. She became the fraccion of the Espada which had helped her become an Arrancar. And with his help, she started to become stronger.

Arrancar > Espada:

Of course it didn't take long for Nobara to reach enough strength, and then kill the Espada which had taken her under his wing. So now she was number 10. An Espada. One of the mighty "Swords" of the Hueco Mundo army. She was born a bit late into their army, but she was strong and sought out power without caring about anything else. She slashed her way upwards in the ranking, killing the higher numbers as she was striving to get to the top. The Leader of the Espada had a plot. And a strong plot at that. There was an attack on Soul Society bound to happen soon, and the army of Hueco Mundo was growing bigger and stronger much faster than anyone had anticipated. The hollows were tired of the shinigamis butting into their business. Soul Society was going to be brought down, and all the shinigamis with it. Nobara felt thrilled over that. The thought of revenge was the only thing that kept her going. Her sister's face sometimes entered Nobara's mind, making her scream out in her lonely and desperate state.

Upon becoming an Espada, she changed the later part of her own name and took up a Spanish name. Funesto. Ill-fated. It suited her well. She kept her old birth name though, deciding that it would be best for her not to completely forget about where she came from. And so, not that long after she had managed to reach the seat of the 2nd Espada, the war started. The infiltration into Soul Society was a success. The shinigami were greatly outnumbered and caught by surprise. Rukongai was completely devoured up. Each time Nobara plunged her Zanpakuto into a shinigami, she felt thrilled. Something in her eyes changed more and more, her face had a terrifying look upon it. Even her fellow Espada started to fear her. And the Leader did not feel comfortable about how she stared at him, with these eyes which showed how much she was starving for more power.

Becoming the Leader

When Rukongai was completely vanished off the map, then finally it happened. The attacks on the shinigamis were getting a bit weakened, and Nobara grew tired of that slow process. So she challenged her Leader. And she won. Now there was born the strongest Espada which had ever existed. None of the others dared say anything to what had just happened. Her powers seemed to be unearthly. But along with that one last burst of power which surged through her, then she also changed more. Her clothes got dark. Her eyes still had that look to them which seemed to be able to frighten anyone, but she also got a new feeling of calmness to herself. She was now in charge, and she commenced the last bit attack on Soul Society. The shinigamis were starting to grow weary, the hollows were ruthless.

Nobara went of course ahead of her army and into the battlefield which had been once the proud Soul Society. In the midst of a heavy battle, she heard a cry about the Captain Commander closeby. For a second, no not even that..a split of a second, Nobara raised her head and looked in the direction of where that scream had come. And just then, her crystal blue eyes met with a very familiar pair of silver ones, before a hollow stepped in the way. Was that Mei? Is she still alive? Nobara cut through her opponent, moving towards where she had seen that person. But there was no one there anymore. Perhaps she had just been seeing things, or perhaps it had indeed been her sister which had been addressed in that way of being the Captain Commander. Nobara shook her head slightly, only time would tell she guessed. But deep down in her chest, something alike hope for her sister being alive started to stir. Even if Nobara had been feeding off on hate for her younger sister for months upon months in Hueco Mundo, there was nothing that could really kill off the pure love which they had shared for so many years.

The shinigamis were driven away to the human world. There weren't many left of them. Most had been slashed, devoured up, or even committed suicide as they saw upon the doom of Soul Society. Nobara was quick in building up the army again, making it impossible for anyone to try and retake this world which had been originally the haven for souls. A palace was built where the academy had once been. And another palace was in Hueco Mundo. The Espada roamed freely between the places, and Nobara with them. Although for now her thirst for revenge had been satisfied, she could still feel that ticklish feeling at the back of her mind. She felt restless. Groups of hollows went into the human world, searching for shinigami survivors, but they seemed to have become good at hiding themselves for it was far from being easy to spot anyone that had a spiritual energy above the normal. From time to time Nobara herself travels to the human world, if not only to see if there might be a possibility of sniffing out the familiar reiatsu of her sister. Even if there was little hope she might have still been alive. No one of the hollows knows her true origins, and she doesn't plan on sharing that either.

And so the game of hunting continues, while Nobara also waits in her palace for the shinigami to issue out their revenge.

RP Sample:

Two girls were sitting on a dark brown rug which covered a cold stone floor. The walls in the room were red, red like blood. Those two girls were smiling while looking at each other, as if they had a secret between them which no one else was allowed to know. They were both young, the older one which had raven black hair down to her waist and eyes as blue as the cloudless sky was looking to be in her tenth year, while the other girl who had silver eyes and hair as red as the walls was seemingly close to being 7 years old. Both the girls held out their hands, lightly letting their palms touch. "Mei." The older girl spoke the name of her sister with love, and got rewarded with a bright and heartwarming smile whom only an innocent child is capable of making. "Nobara." A younger voice, yet it had the same love and kindness to it. There was a single window inside the dark room which they were sitting in. The window didn't show anything outside of the room though, as if this room was the only world which was out there. As if there was nothing else needed than right that existence, that place where they both were. Together.

"Look." Suddenly the black haired girl was standing at the window, her finger was pressed to the glass while moving slowly as if she was writing. When her finger stopped, the petite girl leaned a bit forward until her lips were just a few inches away from the window. Parting her light pink lips a bit, she blew softly warm air on the cold glass until the steam which appeared made the letters readable. Together always, in life and in death. Not even fate can tear us apart. The older girl turned towards her sister with a soft smile playing over her lips, her hand was held out as if asking the other to come to her. But the red head sat still, her face wasn't visible behind the heavy bangs of her hair. "..No." Her voice sounded different than before, there was a feeling of despair... fright even. "No..I don't want to." Those words were spat out with a childish voice, but the red head was no longer a child. Now sitting on the rug was a teenage girl. A beautiful girl with long hair flowing over her form, fiery hair. Her face wasn't visible, it was like a blur.

The older girl's hand dropped down at her side. The smile was no longer visible, but instead her lips were bit together so that they formed a thin line. She also was older, her form was that of a young woman instead of the child. Her black hair fell down her shoulders, her eyes held the same clear blue color. But there was nothing called happiness or joy in those eyes anymore. "Mei." Again that name was called softly out, but with hate dripping off the words. "Nobara." The red head had stood up, in her hand was a katana with a crimson blade. Her bangs fell down over her eyes, her mouth seemed to have a emotionless smile stuck on it. Small cracks started to appear on the window next to the older sister. "Mei, come to me. Join me. Die with me." Again her hand was held out, she was waiting for her sister to come to her. This was something that was meant to be. "Oh? Don't you know? I have already killed you. You don't belong near me anymore, sister."

A frown crossed the black haired girl's face, her eyes went back down on the katana in her sister's hand. Those words which had been spoken held truth to them, did they not? What she had thought was the crimson color of the blade itself, did indeed seem like blood. Small drops fell towards the rug, a dark stain quickly starting to spread. The black haired sister's gaze dropped down to her own chest, and slowly with a shaky hand she touched the dark spot which had appeared through her clothing. It felt sticky and warm against her palm. Her hand retreated from that spot and was lifted up to her face. The red color was so bright against her pale skin. It was beautiful in a way, death seemed beautiful also. The cracks in the window grew bigger, the small sounds of the glass making the older sister turn her head and look to her side. On the other side of the window there was now another world. But everything was white, everything except a single tree. It was black as the night, it's roots were stretching closer towards the room. "It's time."

"Time? Time for what?" They seemed to have gotten closer to each other. Silver eyes met blue ones. "You know what." The older sister stepped back, her head shaking a bit from side to side in a silent denial. "No.. I don't want to." A chilling laughter filled the air, it was somewhat frightening because it was a laughter of a small child but not that of the young woman which stood there. Suddenly the window broke, a loud crackling sound followed with a gush of wind making the black haired girl clutch to her head with a small shriek. White sand got blown into the room, it stung the eyes and it felt weird to breathe. When the black haired girl's eyes opened again, she couldn't see her sister anymore. Panick, fright, confusion it was all mirrored in her eyes as with a piercing scream she fell down on her knees. Her hands clutched to her chest, while with terror she watched as a hole started to form. Black liquid soaked her hands, ran down her chest and to the brown rug. She blinked slowly, then raised her stained hands up to her face and dug her sharp fingernails into the pale and smooth skin. With a new scream, a scream which didn't sound human at all, she pulled and tore off the skin. But there wasn't blood flowing, there didn't seem to be any pain following. Where her skin had been were now small parts of a white mask. Her head got tilted upwards, her lips parted again and a new scream tore from her.

Nobara's eyes opened slowly, her hand went up to her forehead and pressed against it. Her palm felt cool against her feverish skin. Sitting up in her king-size bed, the Primera let her cover drop down to the floor. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, her skin was sweaty and made the light night-gown cling to her curves. She hadn't had that dream in some time. "A premonition?" She turned, swung her feet from the bed. The cold floor felt refreshing against the soles of her feet. Do other hollows dream also? Do they remember something from their past? For some time she had wondered about that, but of course never asked. The Leader was supposed to be the all-knowing. Never allowed to show a weak side, nor ever ask a fellow arrancar for advice. Those things would make you lose respect, and that meant having your powers questioned. In the hollow world it was to eat or be eaten. You never stopped fighting for yours, not even when you had reached the top. If you let your guard down, if you stopped thinking you had to keep struggling then you could just as well commit suicide right at that same moment.

In light steps, Nobara made her way to the big window which gave good view of her world. The fake moon, the fake sky. Fake world. But a world which gave birth to strong creatures. Her almond shaped, crystal blue eyes stared with indifference outside the glass, while her right hand moved upwards. Nobara felt the cold glass of the window against her fingertip, and she started to drag it slowly across the glass. The coding system which she and Mei had so often used. Her gaze went down to her moving finger, her beautiful face remained indifferent. She pulled her hand away from the window, then leaned a bit closer and blew softly until the steam made the words visible. Are you out there? "Because if you are... I will find you. I will find all of your friends. I will hunt you all down." She pressed her palm against the window, and wiped the words out. Perhaps it was time for her to go out there again, to start searching. Perhaps she would finally stop dreaming when the last shinigami had stopped breathing.

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