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Mei Suzuki, Shinigami

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Mei Suzuki, Shinigami Empty Mei Suzuki, Shinigami

Post by Mei Suzuki on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:20 pm

Basic Information

Mei Suzuki, Shinigami Rpc_by_xcalmlovex-d2xqo8r
Name: Mei Suzuki

  • Actual Age: 1000

  • Appeared Age: Early Twenties

Gender: Female

Division: First Sector & Division

Seat: Captain Commander, Captain of the First Division and Sector.

Looks: The first thing that will you quickly notice about Mei can be her hair. It's a dark red color, almost like red wine. Sometimes in the dark it could look black to people, and it always attracts unwanted attention, which sometimes sets the dark red haired female off. And then, after they see their hair, their attentions are drawn to her eyes. Mei's eyes are a color that is rarely seen in the human world, much less in the Soul Society. It's a silver-like color that tends to get into a amber-like color or a white color. But most of the time it stays silver.

Mei stands around 5'6, even though she is 'little' to some people, she can intimidate quite a few by the way she just dresses. In Soul Society, she wears the usual standard Shinigami uniform, she wears her haori, but sometimes likes to drape it over her shoulders, or have it draped behind her back, holding it with one hand. But now that she's living with humans she wears a black shirt, that sticks to her, showing off her body even though she hates it. Black pants that show of her legs since they also show the leg's form and wears black and white snickers.

Personality: Mei has a double personality, you could say. When her sister was alive and always around her, she was a happy-go-lucky girl who, to her superiors, didn't seemed sad or anything. She loved helping people the most, even if it was bending the rules, or anything. But mostly, Mei loved being with Nobara. It was when she felt the most happiest. After Nobara died, that personality drastically changed, but was it for better or for worse?

Her 'new' personality you could say is one that every Shinigami sees nowadays since the death of her older sister. Cold, and straight to the point it can be said about Mei. She seems to have a great dislike to long conversations, but if it's a meeting with the Gotei 13, she doesn't mind. If it's with other people, and it isn't related to any hollows, or trouble, she will cut the conversation short. But not all of her 'nice' personality is gone. It's just hidden very deep in her heart, and possibly it will stay there.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Rutilus Mors[Red Death]

Unreleased Zankpaktou Appearance
Mei Suzuki, Shinigami Anime
[She does have both swords.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: 'Expande, Rutilus Mors' [Spread, Red Death]

Released Zanpakuto Looks:
Mei Suzuki, Shinigami Sword1 Her outfit changes into string bikini top under a black jacket. The jacket has a white stripe running along the length of each of her sleeves and has a white star design on the front (left side) and back. She also wears a pair of tight-fitting shorts, gloves, and black knee-high boots.

Released Zanpaktou Abilities: When Rutilus Mors is released, both swords merge into one, and while that is happening a bright light engulfs them as they merge, and then fire surrounds it. The fire diminishes and Mei takes a hold of her Zanpakutou, and fire surrounds her and anyone near 2 meters in a circular motion and the heat can be felt approximately 30 meters. Rutilus is warm to the touch, to those who are an equal rank will feel it warm, others who are lower than her wouldn't be able to touch Rutilus because of the heat on the sword while the captains or anyone who has a captain-like rank as her will feel the blade -warm-.

Zanpakuto Spirit:
Mei Suzuki, Shinigami 141174

Rutilus Mors is a man that appears to be around his twenties or so. His hair is almost as similar to his owner, but it's more of a lighter shade. It's extremely long; longer than Mei's.He has two small, black wings on each side of his head. Rutilus appears to be wearing something that looks like it would belong to someone of a higher class, or an emperor. His nails are quite long for a male, and has a red color, like his eyes that can penetrate anyone with his intimidating gaze.

Zanpakuto Realm:
Mei Suzuki, Shinigami Ashundar_Realm_Of_Eternal_Fire

Bankai Information

Bankai Name: 'Destruo, Rutilus Mors' [Destroy, Red Death]

Bankai Description: When Mei releases her Bankai, her sword is engulfed in fire once again, and takes on the shape of a Scythe. The steel-type part of the Scythe is covered in flames because of Rutilus. Depending on the situation, Mei can lower the power level or keep it as it is to burn whatever it's necessary. The temperature around the flame can get up to 105(around 41 C). Anyone under Captain rank would face serious burns if touched by her Scythe, but anyone that's equal rank to her would only face slight bruise, but no burns. Mei can also up the power of the fire that surrounds the steel-part of the Scythe, but at the cost of the Bankai reverting, so it's only used as a last resort. The flames that are on the Scythe can get slightly burnt by anyone who's Lieutenant rank and under while those who are equal rank can slightly burn them. The low her flame's temp would go is 752 F and the high is 2.000 F.

Bankai Looks:

Mei Suzuki, Shinigami Just_an_outfit_by_aihyuuga7

Mei Suzuki, Shinigami Arcrisefan10


Name: Sai
Type: Bakudo
Number: 1
Incantation: -
Element: -
Description: Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.

Name: Geki
Type: Bakudo
Number: 9
Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"
Element: -
Description:Engulfs the target in red light, completely paralyzing them.

Name: Sekienton
Type: Bakudo
Number: 21
Incantation: -
Element: -
Description: Creates a blast upon activation and is used like a ninja's smoke bomb.

Name: Tsuriboshi
Type: Bakudo
Number: 37
Incantation: -
Element: -
Description:Creates a star-shaped cushion of Spiritual Energy, which anchors it to nearby objects with "ropes" of spirit particles. It can stop falling objects, acting like a safety net.

Name: Enkosen
Type: Bakudo
Number: 39
Incantation: -
Element: -
Description:Summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.

Name: Kakushitsuijaku
Type: Bakudo
Number: 58
Incantation: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain."
Element: -
Description:Tracks and locates any spiritual force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. The number set seems to be a variation on longitude and latitude.

Name: Rikujōkōrō
Type: Bakudo
Number: 61
Incantation: "Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"
Element: -
Description:Summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. The target is then unable to move any part of their body including the parts that were not struck by the beams.

Name: Kin
Type: Bakudo
Number: 99
Incantation: "Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"
Element: -
Description:Ties the target's arms on the back in addition to wrapping the spiritual fabric around the entire body, and continues to pin the target with spiritual fabric stacked to the ground around the target with several iron shafts in an "X" shape.[31] This technique can be used to a lesser degree, as Tessai used it on Ichigo to not pin him down on the ground, but simply bind his arms to his back with the spiritual fabric and iron shafts.

Name: Byakurai
Type: Hado
Number: 4
Incantation: "Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"
Element: Lighting
Description:The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.

Name: Shakkahō
Type: Hado
Number: 31
Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"
Element: -
Description:Fires a ball of red energy at a target

Name: Ittō Kasō
Type: Hado
Number: 96
Description:A forbidden spell used by Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto. It is a spell that causes a huge pillar of fire to erupt from the ground in the shape of a katana's tip. It is a forbidden technique that can only be activated by using one's own body as a catalyst. Aizen calls it the spell of sacrifice.

Name: Kyōmon
Number: Unknown
Element: -
Description:Tōshirō Hitsugaya used this to seal Momo Hinamori's hospital room. It creates a glass-like barrier which is difficult to break from the outside, but quite simple to break from the inside.


Technique Name: Fire Chain
Technique Type: Offense
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate-Can be taken out when in Shikai
Description: Mei's sword transforms into a chain which Mei then whips forth in order to catch her opponent and make the chain wrap around him/her.

Mei Suzuki, Shinigami Chaindetail

Cooldown Posts: Three, to trap any under Lieutenant rank, two for Lieutenant, 1 for Captain/Espada/Equal rank

Technique Name: Fire Armour
Technique Type: Defense
Degree of difficulty: Master
Description: Fire surrounds Mei's clothing's and the transform into her armor. While having this armor on, she has a scarlet glow around her, that protects her from any attacks under Lieutenant rank, anyone who's Lieutenant can manage to bruise her slightly, anyone who's equal rank to her can leave bruises, gashes, etc. This can lasts up to three posts. It can be used in both Shikai and Bankai.

Cooldown Post 2 posts.

Mei Suzuki, Shinigami Erza_Knightwalker_by_reypirata

Technique Name: Clean Sweep
Technique Type: Zanjutsu
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate
Description: This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place. Those with advanced armour- like Hierro could get away with just a slash or a cut, depending on the ability of the opponent.

Cooldown Posts: 3

Technique Name: Fire Tornado
Technique Type: Movement
Degree of difficulty: Expert-Can be used in Bankai and Shikai
Description: While having the Fire Chain out, Mei spins it around to create a tornado of hot air and flames. It's a small tornado, capable of countering techs of Lieutenants and some techs of anyone of equal rank. It lasts two posts.

Cooldown Posts: 3 posts

History and RP Sample


Human > Shinigami

'Oh, thy god, protect thy children as they reach your haven.'

Mei was born a completely normal girl. She was loved, and loved those around her. But perhaps the one she loved the most was her older sister, Mei. There was only 3 years age difference between the sisters, and yet they always acted like twins. Mei was also a bit slow in growing up for her first years so they were of similar size until Nobara reached the age of 5 and started to be able to grow normally. Mei was always the one to sometimes/many ask for help from her sister, but not for anything fighting-related. She hated that Nobara would take on anyone that bullied her and was always there if Mei needed something. Mei was usually quiet and liked spending time away from everyone, looking at nature, at the sky; the clouds, more exactly. The sisters used to have a secret coding system, where they would write on glass and windows with their fingers and then the other would blow on the glass so that the steam would reveal what had been written.

There was little known of sorrow or any kind of bad emotions in their household, as their parents were very happy and successful in their jobs, giving the two sisters both love and anything they would need to feel happy. The few times the sisters had a fight, it never took more than a day for them to make up again. They also used to sleep in the same bed a LOT of the time, making their parents facepalm and worry about that sister complex which seemed to be going on. Even as Mei had turned 14 and Nobara was 17, they would sneak into each other room to chat about boys or anything they could think of, before falling asleep next to each other. There was nothing more deep or pure than their love for one another. As Nobara turned 18, she naturally demanded to be able to have a driver's license as she had just recently started going out with a boy and wanted to be able to drive to his place or drive around with her friends like the rest of her friend group were able to do. Naturally her parents didn't have anything to object to that, and so Nobara got the license.

Mei seemed to approve of Nobara's boyfriend, as he was a sweet and down to earth type of guy who didn't seem to be rushing her older sister into anything. For now, they had just exchanged a few kisses and Nobara had let him hold her hand. This was of course information which she shared nonstop with her sister, and they had a good laugh over that together. Although, Mei being the younger sister, she tended to watch him every chance she could get.

"Siiiiiis, hurry uuuup or the movie will begin before we make it there!" Nobara tapped her foot impatiently on the floor while glancing down on her watch for the 20th time in the past 2 minutes. Finally, her beloved sister came running and they cast a quick goodbye to their parents before going outside. "Sooorry !" A new romantic comedy was showing in the theater and Nobara and Mei had managed to whine and bother their parents about it until they got their father's car borrowed to be able to go to see the movie. "Alright!" Nobara jumped under the wheel and started the car before putting on her seat-belt, while scolding her sister to do the same. The radio got tuned up to the highest, and off they went. Little did they know that at the same time, a man walked out of a pub while drunk out of his mind. His fingers fiddled into his pocket before finding the car keys, while he barely managed to crawl into the car and start it. He drove a rather large pickup truck, and it would have been save to say that he did not drive at normal speed while under the influences of the alcohol.

Meanwhile, Nobara stopped the car on a red light and sung at the top of her lungs with her sister to a lame song in the radio which had been played so often that probably anyone in the city knew it by now. Everything was perfect. Nobara looked with a smile on her sister, before she parted her lips to say something. But instead she frowned a bit, looking slowly out of the window of the car as highlights of another car were blinding them both. "Wait.. doesn't he see it's a red light? W-what is he..doing?" Her breath got caught in her throat as she watched a car on the other side of the lights swing around on the road at a dangerous speed. And it was heading straight at Nobara and Mei's car which was still. Green light came, Nobara was quick in driving onwards but it was too late.

The other car was completely out of control, and it came at them so fast that there was no time to think, no time to do anything. Nobara's blue eyes stared in horror out of the window before she grabbed at her sister while screaming. "MEI GET OUT OF THE CA-" She never managed to finish the sentence. The pickup truck slammed into their small station wagon, crumbling the car down like a harmonica. When the ambulance finally arrived at the scene along with a firetruck and police cars, both the sisters were dead. When the doors and roof were cut off, the brutal sight of their bloody and mangled bodies made most look away with tears in their eyes. The two young girls had never had a chance to live through that. But what caught most of their eyes was that they were holding hands, their fingers linked together as if that had been the last thing on their mind.

In death

'Till death parts us... And beyond.'

When the sisters awoke, it took them awhile to process on what just happened. They finally know what happened to them after everything seemed to click in their heads: They were taken of the precious life that they head in the human world, and it made them angry, sad, well, any emotions almost anyone can imagine! Nobara seemed to be handling it.... well, you could say. Mei tried to not show any emotion that could relate to sadness while seeing their parents, and Nobara's boyfriend. All the while, they were always on the run in the city. They didn't know that it could be such a dangerous place for souls! Hollows chased them, wanting their 'delicious' souls as they called them, but they could never get them. The sisters were far too smart for them, and would always be one step ahead of them, even if it's just for escaping.

While running away from a hollow, a man saved them. It wasn't an ordinary man, mind you. He was a shinigami; a soul reaper. He told them he can get them to a safe place called the 'Soul Society', where it was never overrun by Hollows. Frightened, the girls decided to listen to the man, it's better than staying in the Human World as a snack for hollows that wanted them. Both sisters grabbed each others hand, asking him to go on and send them to the other world that is known as the 'Soul Society'.

Soul Society> Shinigami

'Haven for all souls, that is the Soul Society.'

When the sisters arrived in the Soul Society, they arrived in the place that is known as the 'Rukongai'. It wasn't that long until they learned about the Seireitei, Kidos, Captains/Lieutenants from the Seireitei, and they started to practice. Excited to find out about their new powers, they enrolled into the Academy, which,, at first everyone made fun of them because they came from the Rukon district. Nobara had her eyes set on being a Lieutenant, while Mei was still undecided, but had set her sights up very high. Both actually joined into a Division after being in the Academy for a few years. They had gained many allies and their respect.

But then, something happened, something that always haunts Mei till this day. There was an attack on Soul Society, it was unannounced and caught them by surprise. It was chaos, Mei always thought. Mei was fighting alongside her comrades, while at the same time looking for her older sister, to see if she was okay. As she was getting closer to her sister's division, she wondered where Nobara was. "Nobara!" Mei screamed, while cutting up a hollow in half and landing beside one of her allies. He had a scared look on his face as he stared forward, ignoring Mei. Mei, raised an eyebrow and wondered what he was looking, she slowly moved her head, and her eyes slowly widened. There was her sister, blood pouring out of the wound a hollow just gave her. The younger sister was paralyzed in fear, even though her mind screamed, ordering herself to move and save her sister. But, she couldn't. Her silver eyes were staring in horror as she watched her sister slowly die, and having a hand extended towards her, almost begging her to save her.

Mei shook her head. 'Damn it! Move... MOVE!!!' One step forward was all it took, she took off towards the hollow that killed her. Silver eyes turning red with rage as she attacked the hollow and cut it in half, but it didn't stop there. Oh, no. After the hollow was cut in half, blood-red eyes searched for more hollows to destroy. Letting out a cry of sorrow, she kept destroying hollows, while her allies were behind her, afraid of this 'Mei'. "How dare you..." She sobbed, glaring at the hollows, her eyes filled with rage and tears at the same time. "HOW DARE YOU KILL MY SISTER!!!!!" After killing many hollows, Soul Society had won this battle.

But this wasn't the end of the attacks. Oh, no. After this, we can say it was the beginning of the end for Soul Society. A few months, attacks were becoming recent on Soul Society, the Gotei 13 and their shinigamis did everything they could to push them back; to defeat them. While this was happening, the Central 46 were having a debate on who would become the next Captain-Commander. The recent one decided it was time to pass the torch to a new generation, if you will. Everyone was in agreement. But, who could possibly fill the rank of a Captain-Commander? The Spirit King, the ruler of all Soul Society was the one that was going to decide. Meanwhile, Mei was working hard in her division, training her Shikai that she had just learned very recently, and was trying to control it. Over the few months, Mei had drastically changed. She wasn't all that happy-go-lucky girl whenever she was with her sister. Now, she was cold, cruel and was always right to the point with every conversation. She hated being even two minutes into a conversation with someone if her dear sister wasn't near her.

'Nobara...' The image was still vivid in her mind everytime Mei thought about her sister. It... irked her, made her want to cry, to scream, to kill EVERY hollow in her path. To see, if that would really make her feel that she avenged her sister. That her death was not in vain. Maybe, in a way, it was a feeling that she wanted. A feeling of closure within herself. "S-Suzuki-san?" An ally of her division called her, she stopped on what she was doing and turned around to stare at the male. "Yes, what is it?" The man quickly bowed at Mei, seeing as she was near Lieutenant and very close to a Captain rank as well now. "The Captain-Commander wishes to see you." Mei stared at the man, as he waited for a reply, he felt nervous being around Mei Suzuki. After the death of her sister, everyone saw how she drastically changed. "Very well. You may go. I will visit our Captain-Commander now."

It has be announced. Let us get ready.

Mei stood between the Central 46 plus the Captains and their Lieutenants, even she was a Lieutenant herself; Squad 2. Her silver eyes widened as she heard the words spoken from the Captain-Commander. "W-What..?" It was the only emotion she has shown over the pass few months. "Did you not hear me, my child? You are the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13. Do I need to say it again?" It might've sounded cold, but the Captain-Commander was asking in a jokingly manner. "You were chosen to be the next to lead us to victory...." ".. Or to defeat against the hollows, and anything in the Soul Society's way."

Mei couldn't believe it. She actually was going to be the Captain-Commander. Finally, her true goal has been achieved. Now... all that was left was.. 'Nobara..' An image of her sister came into mind. "Do you accept, child? It was the Spirit King's decision as well." Also the Spirit King, too?! "This is one of the greatest honors that I have been given." She bowed to the Head Captain. "I will not deny such a request. I will become the sword for Soul Society, and win this battle with the hollows." And since then, Mei Suzuki is the Head-Commander of the Geotei 13.

The end of everything. Flee souls, flee. The war has begun and there is no choice but to...

The attacks on the Soul Society were becoming much more frequent, Mei saw this. The Gotei 13 put up quite a defense against the hollows, but they were loosing men, very quickly. Then, one heated battle, she joined quickly and started to attack. Her men were doing well, but she could notice a few were not with the Divison. 'Have they...' Before she could even finish the sentence, she let out a cry as she charged to one of the Arrancars. Then, as she moved, her silver eyes made contact with crystal clear blue eyes and the only thought going around her mind was 'N-Nobara..?' Eventually, after that encounter, you could say, the Shinigamis were driven back, until they had no choice but to be driven to the Human World.

From then on, they had been keeping resistance, and also hiding very well from the Hollows that dared to search for them, and kill them when they see a chance. From there on, Mei felt a need for revenge against the Hollows, and kill their Leader, for the war that just happened to star, to be finally over. And maybe, found out about the person who she saw that had the same crystal, clear, blue eyes that reminded them so much of her older sister, Nobara...

And now, Mei waits patiently. She waits for the perfect moment to strike back, to pass their defenses and destroy their leader and take back Soul Society.

RP Sample:
Silver eyes narrowed, honey-colored eyes did the same. Both had their katanas in hand. Although, the honey-colored eyes squinted slightly; hesitating. Mei tsked. "Idiot. I suggest you don't hesitate. Otherwise, the Hollows will kill you, and.." The red haired girl that was in the Shinigamis vision dissapeared, and appeared behind him, feeling her blade touch his shoulder. The Shinigami sighed and relaxed his stance, while Mei retreated her sword and then kicked him, his head, but she didn't use that much force so it only hurt when his face made contact with the ground, making a medium size hole. The Captain-Commander crossed her arms and muttered something along the lines of "Idiot", as she walked away.

"Haha! That hurt, Mei!" The young man said, obviously not affected and just happen to get up, dust himself off and ran after you, and now was walking beside you. Mei threw him a glare. "Since when do you have the right to call me by that name?" "Oh, come on now! Don't act so anti-social. You were part of our squad before you became Captain-Commander. Try socializing a bit more, ne?" A sigh came out of Mei's red lips. "The only 'socializing' I ever do is talking in meetings, and that's it." Takeshi stared at his superior/old friend and laughed, making Mei's right eye twitch lightly.

'That was a few months ago. Then, we were suddenly attacked by the Hollows. We didn't even see it coming. Mei narrated to herself in her mind. 'They had managed to take some of us to an early grave; other managed to escape them, though. We had decided that it was best for all of the Shinigami to re-group and go to the Human World. Of course, there were some who didn't want to go, and decided to face the Hollows, Espadas, and Arrancars by themselves, without any superiors with them. Mei had let them go, knowing she could not calm them down with her words or any physical action would just provoke them.

A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at the sky of the Human World in her Shinigami form. Everything seemed almost... peaceful, like nothing ever happened. Like Hollows didn't exist... A normal, human life. Her red hair moved in the wind, strands dancing with one another; curling and she closed her eyes. "Hm." Mei opened her eyes to stare at the town down below. "A normal life... I lost that chance long ago." Very long ago.' Her silver eyes narrowed, she decided it was best to go back to her home, and get back inside her gigai before any Espadas/Arrcancars notice her. Suppressing her spiritual pressure wad helping, but she had something to attend to at the moment.

Mei Suzuki was offered a job, in a school, with children. Simply. Stupid. The woman was bound to kill them, or they will test her patience and she'll probably torture them. Oh, god. "Humans... simply annoying." She frowned. "Especially in school." You see, since all of the Shinigamis had to blend in with the humans, of course the Captain-Commander had to get a job. But why this job? Seemed the most... Ahh, the hell with it, she found the first job she got. Mei was the P.E. teacher, and when they first saw her, they thought she was a fragile woman[mostly the men] but that was proven wrong when the red-head kicked a ball with her minimum[ok, maybe hard, but not enough to leave a mark but to make sure it hurt]strength. Let's say it left an impression on them, especially her "spartan-like" attitude towards running laps, jumping jacks, etc. The Captain-Commander 'teacher' expected THE best out of these students. Even if they were normal.

Now, going back to her home, seeing as it was getting late, she quickly got into her gigai. Her home was around Sector 1, seeing as the town is divided by Hollows and Shinigamis, the Shinigamis have claimed a few sectors already, but the Hollow still had the upper hand. The bastards. The seemingly young Shinigami changed her school uniform, which was a light blue sleeveless shirt, short pants that ended around her mid leg and snickers. Now, she was in a lavender pj's; her room had -few- lavender colors. Like the wall, it calmed her every-time she saw it, or was looking at the ceiling Then, an image of her sister, near death's door was looking at her, her hand extended towards her flashed in her mind. Mei's silver eyes widened in fear and got up quickly. Her chest moving up and down, her arm going towards her heart, trying to calm herself while having a scared look on her face; first time she's shown any emotion like that in awhile.

"W-Woah... Why did that just happen all of a sudden.." Getting up from her bed, the mature Soul Reaper walked towards the window, the moon shining down on her, bathing her in it's light as she stared at the window, her hand having and urge to write something, anything that her sister can know that she wanted to save her. Badly. Her right arm-the one that was on her heart-went towards the window, her fingertip making contact with the cold surface, and dragging it, writing something. It was a code both she and Nobara used. 'Nobara...' Mei frowned as she dragged her fingertip, until finally finishing. Her eyes blink, then, slowly, she leaned a bit close to the window, and opened her mouth, her lips breathing out warm air. The steam made the words visible and it said: I'm sorry. Then, she felt something that she didn't expect, ever. Something wet sliding down her cheeks. "... I'm..." Both of her hands were on her cheeks, feeling the liquid run down, and it didn't stop. "... Crying..." Quickly as she could, she erased the words with her hand, smudging the window with her tears that would soon leave it dirty and just stayed in the same position, not moving, not even feeling her tears fall down her delicate, pale face. Oh, how cruel can the world be..

Mei Suzuki, Shinigami 2lkzgrb
Mei Suzuki, Shinigami 23h6q8y
Credit goes to: lunarflowerangel from On The Edge!
Mei Suzuki
Mei Suzuki

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Post by Nobara Funesto on Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:28 pm

Approved with a side of yaoi/bishie for my lovely sis ~

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