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Mei can be seen to be happy at one minute and angry the next if you say a wrong comment. Sometimes unpredictable as she is, she can be quite predictable. She loooves Yaoi so much and is usually seen doing stuff to males with her sister, Nobara. But this yaoi fan-girl means well, and wants everyone to get along on her site and wants it to be one of the best. Be careful around her and Nobara, they're usually the one to leave you shocked- or scarred. but they mean well... Maybe. And, usually you can see them bickering over pandas, cause Mei looves them while Nobara despises them.
Nobara, random, often hyper, friendly to most and as unpredictable and lethal as one of the volcanos on her freezing lil island. She's a yaoi fangirl which strives to make everybody around her become victim to her man on man hobby. Be careful never to turn your back on her, or you will find a sharpened toothpick between your shoulder blades. Her cheerfulness and hyperness often spike when around her beloved sister, Mei the head admin, and they do enjoy wrecking havoc. Mention dolphins or pandas around Nobara, and you will get killed. No questions asked. Nobara enjoys torturing lifeanddeath whenever she can.
I don't know what to say in this tiny little box. What do you want from me people!? WORDS?! With a yawn and probable shrug of indifference we arrive at the final Admin. lifeanddeath, an insomniac that constantly has to fend off random attacks from his two fellow admins who are certain he should star in their latest yaoi fanfic. Also known as LAD, Life, Lifey, Bitch, and Man Servant depending on who you ask. His often relaxed and often silent manner, might just leave you wondering if he fell asleep mid conversation, at least until he randomly joins the conversation, but it is likely he may disappear quickly afterwards. You could wonder what he might be doing in that silence, perhaps working on one of his ridiculously long apps, modding, or in the rare case sleeping. Whatever he is doing, you should be careful not to mention knifes....any sharp objects.
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Las Noches

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  • The Primera's Palace

    Probably one of the first things to be seen. A building which would resemble a big and black castle that towers a bit over the other residences. It originally belonged to the first Espada Leader, but now Nobara resides in it. She has made a few changes on the insides of the "palace", making it more up to time with very stylish furnitures. There are only dark colors in there, although there are a quite a few paintings and other art forms which decorate the walls and the insides of the rooms. All in all there are 22 rooms, but Nobara only uses the master bedroom along with the great dining hall along with the living room. There are of course numbers of Arrancar servants which tend to the place and their master.
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  • The Espada Residences

    The place where the Espada live. A big and mansion-like buildings, which are decorated however each individual wants. The fraccion's are allowed here also if they wish to live with their Espada, or only want to come and visit.
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  • Meeting Room

    The room in which the Espada meet when the Primara assembles them. Here are plans thought up, missions given out and important issues discussed.
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  • Fraccion Quarters

    The rooms in which the fraccion live in. Nothing extra luxurious, resembles mostly hotel rooms. The fraccion which enjoy peace and quiet along with some alone time live here.
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  • Las Noches's Science Lab

    You think the powerful things just happen to fall into the Espadas hands? Think again. This is the place where it all happens, and the spot for a new Head of Science is open. If any Espada would be interested.
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